Friday, June 12, 2015


Last Friday (12/6/2015), my hubby dropped me at my best friend's house at Relau. After that, I went to her house and helped her wash her car. Then, we took bath and then we went to Times Square as I wanted to take my 2nd bottle of Diane 3 toner from my beautiful friend Katherine but then her sister said it is out of stock. So, we ate our lunch together at Food Gallery while waiting for Miucious to open. 

Finally, it is open at 2 something and then I bought one set of clothes. Thank you to Aunty Miucious. After shopping, we headed to Winter Warmers for tea time. We ordered and ate them happily. After that, we went to HSBC booth and find my ex colleague Yuko and chit chat with her. Then, Stephanie dropped me back to my hubby's house. We were so so tired as we woke up so early. I only slept for 5 hours only. LOL! 

Left - Scones ( RM 8.72 ) 
Right - Iced Rose Fruit Cocktail ( RM 11.12 ) 

It was my first time tried scones and it was delicious. I just know that I couldn't eat much as I will get sore throat easily. The rose fruit cocktail is nice to drink when you feel hot. Furthermore, the weather nowadays so damn hot! That's why we ordered iced drink. 

Chocolate Banana Waffle - RM 14.32 

I was so hungry already and I ordered chocolate banana waffle. We shared all the foods and drink together. Thank you so much Stephanie for everything such as fetching me go and back. 

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