Sunday, June 21, 2015


Hello lovelies! I just got back from KL today morning. I went to KL by myself on last Friday (19/6/2015) by Aeroline bus. I bought morning bus ticket from Penang to Corus Hotel, KL.  I am so so excited about this event organized by The Butterfly Project founder - Tammy Lim. Well, I was so happy that I went down to KL by myself. I feel myself can be an independent girl. LOL! 

I reached Corus Hotel at 2pm. After that, I walked to Avenue K for lunch. I was walked to Info Counter and then I wanted to pass them my luggage but then they said they didn't provide this service. OMG!! My luggage some more so heavy. After that, Omorose Cosmetics lady came and approached me their makeup products and she has done for me makeover for free! I don't know what to say but I feel so shocked about it. I am glad that I can try their products. Want to see my pictures? Let's me continue my story first. 

Luckily, she told me how to walk at Avenue K and then I found Nando's for my lunch. Finally, I redeemed Quarter Chicken from my Nando's app for free. Then, I ordered large peri-wedges and a glass of Light Coke. While eating, my hubby's cousin sister called me and asked me to go out and pass her my luggage but then I couldn't go out like this. So, I asked her to go and settle her work things first and then only come and fetch me. After my lunch, I went to Starbucks Coffee and sat there for nothing. I am so so bored but then I can't walk by carrying my luggage bags with me. Sigh! 

I just love Nando's so much! Never get bored of these :) 
Lemon & Herb chicken and Peri-Wedges!!

Iced Cappucino, Starbucks Coffee

After that, my hubby's cousin sister came and fetched me at 6pm. Isn't that great? It is okay. I understood her situation. After that, we headed to her house already. Thank you sister for allowing me to stay at your house and treat me eat also. Thank you so so much! Finally, I reached her house and then took some rest while chit-chat with her and her aunt. Her aunt cooked dinner for us. The dinner was great and delicious!! Thumbs up for her aunt's dishes! Around 2.30am, I will sleep as I was so so excited about the event. Hahahaha!! 

Finally, it is the day! I am so excited about this event as I want to gain more experiences from them and meet my lovely friends. I met Pinku JiaJia finally as we used to chit chat in Facebook and finally, we get to talk face to face and selfie together. I met Aaron Aw (the joker in Facebook) and Tammy again. After that, I met 3 pretty friends are Sharon, Rebecca and Nicole. 3 of them seem so close huh. After that, someone came and say hie to me and she's co-founder of BloomThis. OMG! I am seriously thankful to her that re-sending BloomThis flowers to me after I got BloomThis flowers from my another lovely friend's blog giveaway - Cindy Tong. It is too bad as she is not here. She is still enjoying her honeymoon trip with her hubby. Nice to meet you, Penny (the co-founder of BloomThis). Finally, the event started and I have learn a lot of experiences from Tammy, Leonard, Christopher, Arpita. Thank you for the experiences and I never give up on my blogging passion. One day, I believe that I can successful in this industry like you guys! :) 

I would like to say a million thank you to 

The Supporters For Blogging 101 Workshop 

TonyMoly for sponsored so many products for the bloggers 

BloomThis for sponsored beautiful Gerbera flowers for the bloggers 

Uber for sponsored go and back rides for the bloggers

Arristo sponsored their Premium Coffee for the bloggers

Deliccia sponsored their pastry cakes for the bloggers

Kawi Studio for taking pictures and video everywhere 

Prints Buddy for the banner if I am not mistaken XD 

MissJasJas is the name

Well, who is the girl? I still remember that I added her in Facebook and then I started to chit chat with her and I found out that we can be good friends and sure talk a lot of things when we meet up. That time, I kept asking her that when she go back KL? She said don't know yet, not sure as she is still studying for that moment. Finally, there is an event called Blogging 101 Workshop. I registered myself as I want to gain more experiences and meet new friends too. I just know them from Facebook and do read their blogs for more information and whenever I was so bored and feel sad. After that, she told me that she is going too. I am so so happy and excited to meet this girl. We used to chit chat and finally, we get to meet up! Thank you Blogging 101 Workshop. We met up and we really did talk a lot and one day is not enough anyway. Sigh! I still wondering when I can meet her up. She is such a pretty and sweet Malay friend that I had known. I really do have many Malay friends. But I can feel me and her can be very good friends even though we're far apart. And also, not forgotten another Malay friend I had known in Facebook too. She brought me into The Butterfly Project Malaysia and Hishop too. I am very very thankful to her also. I'll never forget who are you. Lastly, I would like to tell this girl that I LOVE YOU AS MY FRIEND, MY GOOD FRIEND, MY BEST FRIEND, MY SISTER, JIAJIA! :) 

Finally, I get to meet The Founder of The Butterfly Project Malaysia in KL. The first time I met her up is at NARS Cosmetics event in Gurney Plaza, Penang. Thank you for organized Blogging 101 Workshop and I really enjoyed it so much even though I am so so hot. JiaJia knows I know. LOL! I really learnt a lot on 20/6/2015!! I love you so so much, Tammy!! 

Who is this guy? I just known him no longer in Facebook. I did chit chat with him in Facebook and he quite very funny until you really can laugh. It was great day in Blogging 101 Workshop with his jokes and he sang few songs for the bloggers too. Isn't amazing? Well, he is single too. Anyone want to know him? Hahahaha! :) Nice to meet you once again, Aaron :) 

Who is this girl? She is Co-Founder of BloomThis. She is so friendly and sweet girl. I am glad to meet her and be friends with her too. Thank you so much, Penny. Well, I got BloomThis flowers from my lovely friend Cindy Tong from her giveaway. I was surprised that flowers can be into a box. It is rectangle box prepared by BloomThis. Their flowers are fresh and nice smell too. After that, I got another BloomThis flowers again. I was so so shocked and end up this girl sent me flowers again. I am so so happy and feel very shy because I received the flowers twice time. Again, I would like to say thank you so so much, Penny!! Thank you for made my days brighten with those flowers. After that, this Blogging 101 Workshop, she is also sponsored BloomThis flowers again. LOL!! How wish I can receive the flowers everyday in my life. I really don't know why and when I can be so in love with flowers. I think on my 21st birthday and 6th years anniversary with my baby hubby. I received 2 times of banquet of flowers from my baby hubby! I love them so much but then too bad I can't keep them forever. Continue the topic that I had received 3rd time of BloomThis flowers. It is too bad that I couldn't bring it with me go back Penang. I gave them to my hubby's cousin sister. I hope she loves them so much and takes care them well. Before heading back, I took some pictures of myself with the flowers actually. LOL! Want to see? I will upload soon :) 

Who is this guy? He is Leonard and I have learnt a lot of things from him too. Thank you so much. Nice to meet you anyway and keep in touch always. You still haven't approve me in Facebook. Please approve me in Facebook, so that we can keep in touch :) XD 

Who is the girl? She is Nicole and we known each other in Facebook and we did chit chat in Facebook too. I used to read her blog as she always update her blog with a lot of information. I will continue reading her blog as I love her contents and her pictures as well. She is very detailed person like me too. And finally, we get to meet up at Blogging 101 Workshop. I love her hair so much. Her hair kinda like Rapunzel but not same color lo. Hahahahaha! :) 

Who is this girl? She is Sharon and we known each other at Facebook as well. We did chit chat on Facebook Message too but then we didn't meet up at all. Once again, thank you so much to this Blogging 101 Workshop to let us gather together and meet up already. She is friendly girl and friend to me. I love to read her blog as her blog mostly on fashion. She always do OOTD or OOTN !! OMG!! I love some of her outfits so much. Maybe we can go shopping together one day!! :) 

Who is this girl? She is Rebecca and we known each other at Facebook. We did chit chat in Facebook Message as well. She is friendly too and she loves to smile as well. Like me! I also used to read her blog too. I can tell you that most of my blogger friends blog link into my notepad. Want to know who some more? HAHAHAHA! 

Group photo credited by Steven Goh :) 


  1. hi Jas <3

    Thanks for dropping by to my blog. You have update about the workshop so fast!
    I am still super busy and with many post delay.


  2. Omg rapunzel hair?! Not that long la haha. I wanted to wait till that long but I've no patience anymore xD Anyway it's great meeting you too babe! Hope to see you around in Penang and events soon!

  3. Dear Sharon, I just finished blogged about this post only. Hope you love the picture that I uploaded into my blog. Hahaha XD


  4. Dear Nicole, yes yes! Hahaha.. But then now your hair shorter a bit right? Me too <3