Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Good morning babes and dudes!! How are you today? Anyway, do you know our hands always dirty? Bacteria are everywhere. So please ensure you wash your hands with anti-bacterial gel with cute bottle if you want. I would like to do a review about it. One more thing, you can bring it to anywhere you want because it is small cute bottle and light weight too. Want to try out? Do read my blog for more details. 

Developed from Global Crowd Sourcing - The Bloop Professional Make Up range are carefully developed from Beauty Experts from around the Globe working together to deliver a truly International Cosmetic Line that suites all skin tones & skin types. 

The Cute Holders 

Bloop Germ Blaster
I'm the Loving Germ Blaster 

This Loving Germ Blaster is red in color
 It smells like strawberry and I love it so much 
Anyone love strawberry? You may try this out :D

Bloop Germ Blaster
I'm the Traveller Germ Blaster

This Traveller Germ Blaster is blue in colour and 
it is my favourite colour too.
 It smells like blue sea water. It is also smells like perfume too.
 I don't know how to describe but you maybe like it more 
if you're perfume fans!! 

Bloop Germ Blaster
I'm the Dancing Germ Blaster

This Dancing Germ Blaster is green in color
It smells like perfume too 
A very strong perfume anti-bacterial gel

Bloop Germ Blaster
I'm the Professor Germ Blaster 

This Professor Germ Blaster is white in colour. 
It is also smells like perfume too. 
But then it is light smell perfume. 

After all, I love Loving Germ Blaster because it is really smells like strawberry. Even though I don't like strawberries but then I like the smell of it. Want to try out all of them? I bought it from Hishop but then now all are sold out! You can still purchase from Bloop :)

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