Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Hello babes and dudes!! How is your Wednesday? My Wednesday was okay okay as yesterday my sickness attacked me again!! Sigh!! Well, I doesn't wanna talk about it for this post. I would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to my new and dear friend Noor Atiqah who stepped into my life. Everything about my blog, what I can say is because of her! Without her, I don't know about Hishop. ONCE AGAIN, THANK YOU SO SO MUCH MY DEAR FRIEND!! Hope we can meet soon and let me treat you eat alright? Hehe :)

Taken from her facebook :) 

Anyway, I would like to say that I am happy and glad to meet her in Facebook and she taught me how to join beauty ambassador in Hishop and I got sponsored by Hishop no longer only. I also want to say that I am happy because I am one of the winners in her giveaway for Olederm Bar Soap! I love it so much and together with a free gift that given by her again. I am sure those winners are happy too. 

Here is I am gonna introduce one of Pharmacy products is Olederm Bar Soap from Agnesia. Olederm Bar Soap is a mild cleanser specially formulated for dry and sensitive skin like me. If your skin are dry and sensitive skin, you can try and trust this product if you want. 

These are products she gave it to me :) 

Behind of them :)

A small and cute bar soap 


You just pour little few drops of water into the soap and then massage it gently on your hand. After that, here is goes a lot of bubbles right? The feeling is great. After washing, I felt my hand very smooth and soft too. I am gonna buy big bar soap soon!! 

The price of the bar soap is real affordable and reasonable too. Agnesia Olederm Bar Soap retails at RM 9.90/100g where you can find at your nearest pharmacy (Guardian/Watson/Caring/etc)

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