Saturday, December 5, 2015


First of all, I would like to say thank you so much for the invitation my dear friend Venuss Tan. It was my first time attending Fashion Event for my blogging passion actually. Thank you for the goodies bag and the free lunch from T.G.I.F for us. I am very appreciate it a lot! I wish you growing bigger and bigger on your fashion passion and I am always supporting you, Venuss Tan! 

This time we are going to make this the biggest fashion event in Penang. Other than having beautiful and stylish apparel and accessories, there will also be games, performaces, and artists and influencers sharing! Fashion Fiesta 4.0 will definately be an event that you don't wanna miss! Excited about it? Come with your friends for shopping by tomorrow!! 

Finally, I got to see Rickman, Alvin and Fiona in real person. I am kinda very shy because I can't ask to take picture with them actually. Sigh!! But then I did take picture with Rickman. He is so handsome. Hehe! 

1:30pm - Fashion Show
2pm - Fiona Yeo
5pm - Juwei Teoh
6:30pm - Fashion Show

Rickman and Alvin are the host of the event 

Fiona Yeo 

Juwei Teoh 

I was there until 3.30pm only. I was very very tired walking around. I didn't buy anything but just bought a bottle of Break Time. First time I drank cold pressed juice. Delicious and healthy! Have a look on their website ----- here . So, I just saw Rickman, Alvin and Fiona. I didn't manage to see Juwei Teoh in real person because I was very tired and my hubby was sick too. So, we gotta go back home already. I am very sorry yea. For those who don't know this event is happening at Gurney Paragon Mall, faster come and tomorrow is the last day! 

12:30pm - Dance show 
1pm - Alvin Chong
6:30pm - Fashion Show
8:00pm - 水鼓表演

You can see Alvin Chong in real person 

You can see them in real person too 

Lastly, remember to download Shopee as some of the boutiques have 20% discount for the items you purchase from them! Shop until you drop at there. Hahaha. 

Come and check out my dear friend's Venuss Tan online boutique 

For more information 

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