Wednesday, December 30, 2015


This year 2015, I decided to be Santa MissJasJas. Actually, I seriously hate festivals but then I started to love Christmas because Christmas we can exchange presents together. That's what I changed my mind but I never never like CNY at all. Please don't ask why, thank you. 

I also want to say thank you so much to everybody who gave me best Christmas 2015 wishes and best Christmas presents ever. Don't worry, I really love all the gifts that you gave me. Some I might can't use, so I gotta do giveaway about it. I doesn't want to waste the products actually. Please forgive me if I do some giveaway on the products you gave me. 

This cutie present from my partner who named Kee Xian 

This cutie presents from my best friend Stephanie all the way from Korea 

Another lipstick collection into my lips box 
MAC Lipstick from my beautiful babe Laureen Quah 

This bluey Silky Girl perfume present from my dear friend Charmaine Pua

These presents are from someone who brought me into The Butterfly Project and from there, I can get to know all of you too. I am so so happy to have her in my life! I never forget you, Noor Atiqah! Thank you so so much for all these items.

These presents are from my dear friend who from Johor named Carinn Tan. She bought these items from Hermo and it was my first time that I receive Hermo box :)

These presents are from my dear friend named Lee Sharon 
Leopard long dress + Bourjois lipstick 
Woohooo!!! Another lipstick collection into lips box :) 

These presents are from my dear friend Aliza Sara 
Some of them are bought by her from Sarawak ^^ 
Thank you so much for the presents and the note, Aliza :) 

This cutie present from someone who owned 
Thank you so much for the bubble bath bomb, Evelyn 

Thank you to my dear friend Nicole Yie for her note and presents

I know some of you might get offended or what. But then don't worry because I am glad to meet you all already. I am always thankful to everyone. You know who are you, can already. Also, I know that I didn't give presents to others because I am kinda don't know what to buy. Don't worry, there is a bunch of giveaway that I am gonna host soon. Stay tuned!

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