Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Last Friday (11/7/2014), my sister come back to Penang from KL again! And the next day is 12/7/2014. We woke up and had breakfast with our daddy and then back home first. Around 12.30pm, we went out to Sungai Pinang there met her friend Auricca and we wanted to have lunch at Coffee Smith. Newly-open cafe in Sungai Pinang but unfortunately, it is too many people and I guess the area was small. End up we went to other cafe which is Cozy In The Rocket which recommended by her friend, Auricca. 

So we went there by my sister's car and so, Auricca no need to drive her car go there because no space to park one. Finally, we found parking lot and we parked the car at there and we went into the cafe. The cafe is nice and feel vintage type but what are the bad things? Let me tell you and these are all my opinions and ratings about this cafe. If you don't like, you may ignore it. Thank you. 

I seriously don't know why they need to take for so long to prepare foods and beverages for us. And there are so less people and they're already eating and chit-chat. Well, these are our orders! 

Iced Cappucino - RM 12 

Lychee And Mint - RM 12

Hot Chocolate - RM 12 

Pasta Alio Olio - RM 23

Pasta Momo - RM 28

Look at the hot chocolate cup, 
and yet it is RM 12?????????
Is that expensive, people???

Anyway, you think these orders worth how much? Well.... it is 

RM 120 for 3 persons!!!! Damn f**king expensive!!!! 
I never thought this cafe was so expensive and yet not delicious at all! 

After eating and chit-chatting, we went to Armernian Street for ice-ball. Well, the first time I went with my baby hubby and it is only RM 1 and then now? It is RM 3! Why is it so expensive right now? What happen to Penang right? Watch movie also, RM 13 per person (weekdays)? Seriously I can scold some bad words come out!!! After that, we went back to Sungai Pinang and dropped Auricca at there and say goodbye to her. We went to our dad's office. Chit chat with our daddy and his friends and then we went back home already. 

What I do once I got back home? I took nap because I am so so sleepy! I seriously don't know every time I go out with my sister, I can keep yawn non stop! LOL! I woke up at 7.30pm if I am not mistaken, so I took my bath and changed new clothes. We headed out for dinner together with our daddy's good friend Uncle Lau Keong. After eating, we dropped our daddy at somewhere to enjoy with his friends and we went to our cousin sister's house. 

We find our twin nieces and their name are Emma and Eva. They're both so cute and I know my sister loves kids so much! LOL! We spent our time at there until 11pm if I am not mistaken again. We arrived home at 12am due to traffic jam. Finally, we reached home and I took my bath and changed into pajamas and I slept at 2am and also, my daddy come back home too. 

The next day is 13/7/2014. As usual, we woke up and went out for breakfast with our daddy. Then, we went out at 12pm and went to Proeyecare for contact lens that my sister wanna buy. After that, we went to King Series to fetch her friend Han Chou and his girlfriend Cally. We went to Jelutong area and ate our lunch. After eating, we went to Han Chou's house and chit-chat. At 4.30pm, we went back and I asked my sister to fetch me go Tutti Frutti and she waited for me. Finally, I got to eat yogurt for my 4pm-5pm makan time. After that, we went back home. 

After that, I do my workout again! And then, my sister packed her things and her colleague came and fetch her at 6.30pm and said goodbye to her and I went up and took my bath already. Dinner time, my daddy brought dinner back and we ate together. That's all for the last weekends with my sister. 

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