Monday, August 11, 2014


Good afternoon babes and dudes! How was your last week? Allow me to talk about my last week days! I am super duper triple happy!!!!!!! Before I started, let me post picture of myself!! I felt that I already moved on with my new life without my beloved mummy! It is very tough for me because I missed her so much. What to do? She never come back to me anymore. I have accepted everything.

Firstly, I am happy to received 2 parcels from Natta Cosme!! What are they? They're Egyptian Magic Cream!! Even though they are small packaging and not even one bottle, I am still very happy. At least I can try them whether it is works or not, if it works, I'll buy it from Natta Cosme!! Thank you so much, Natta Cosme! 

Secondly, I am happy to join L'OREAL samples and I went to Queensbay Mall with my baby hubby to redeemed it too and of course I can test it on my face whether I am suitable to use it or not. I have saw a lot of bloggers who reviewed about it and their skin become fair and smooth!! I also want but then my skin was super duper sensitive! I really hope L'OREAL will give me good answer!!! 

Thirdly, I am so happy that I found this offer from Winter Blossom's Facebook. Thank you so much for your help. Finally, I get to try Body Shop item (I feel I am stupid for never even use Body Shop items before). Thank you Body Shop!! Anyway, you may go and redeem it before 31st August 2014! Hurry up, babes! You may go and see it at Winter Blossom's Facebook :) 

Fourthly, I am so happy because I am one of the winners of OLEDERM BAR from my new friend Noor Atiqah. I would like to tell her that THANK YOU SO MUCH for invited me into The Butterfly Project Malaysia and teach me how to join Fabulous Hishop Beauty Ambassadors. Because of her, I got my first ever sponsorship from Hishop! Without her, I won't be success until now. Even though I know that I am not like the other bloggers, but I will try my best to do it. I am sure that I will success like other bloggers too. Once again, thank you so much my dear friend Atiqah! 

Fifth, I am so happy that I used my Nando's vouchers for this! Treated myself and my baby hubby for it! We love Nando's so much! Thank you Nando's! :) 

Finally, I am done! I will update soon once I tried out the Egyptian Magic Cream from Natta Cosme, L'oreal White Perfect Total 10, Vitamin E Moisture Cream from Body Shop, Olederm Bar Soap from dear Atiqah. Thank you guys for made my 1st week of August great and wonderful!!! 


  1. Henry : yea! but now i am sick eh :( 1st week of August was great.. now 2nd week of August was not good cause sick until now can't recover :(