Monday, December 29, 2014


Dear babes and dudes, I am sure all of you eating delicious for Christmas and New Year is coming soon. Afraid of big tummy? You may try this product which I am gonna share with you is MaxPassion Beauty & Health Drink which I got from Hishop. Thank you Hishop for sending me this product for me to try it. 

a) Burn fat and absorb carbs with white kidney beans and L-Carnitine 
Extract from white kidney beans is clinically proven to neutralize (up to 75%) of starch calories that are found in major carbohydrates like pasta, potatoes, bread etc. while L-Carnitine is a potent fat burner responsible for the transportation of fats into the cells to be used for energy in the body. 

b) Block fat with Garcinia Cambogia
-It helps prevent the production of fat. You’ll feel full for a longer period of time, 
allowing you to eat less.

c) Control appetite with Hoodia Extract
 It is a natural appetite suppressant with no side-effects to prevent sudden hunger pangs and cravings. 

d) Nourish your body with Passion Fruit
It is a very rich source of dietary fibre, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins A and C which is important to remove free radicals, repair tissues, cleanse your colon and
 improve your digestion.

Thank you Hishop for the products inside the box :) 

How to use :

a) Dilute the contents of the sachet in a big glass of lemon water OR your favourite naturally squeeze fruit juice, 
blend it or shake it and it's ready! 
b) To be consumed in the morning before or after breakfast. 
c) Take one sachet a day for 15 days. 
For those who need to lose more weight, it is advised to consume this up to a maximum 90 days period only. 

Prepare a cup of normal heat water and your favourite 
Max Passion sachet 

Cut the sachet and pour into your cup 
You can smell the super duper nice smell of PASSIONFRUIT!
Whoever love PASSIONFRUIT, 
you seriously will love it so much

Stir it with spoon and it is ready for you to drink it :) 
Drink it before breakfast OR after breakfast! 
For my opinion, you should drink it before foods!!! 

I started to open them on last Friday (26/12/2014) as I know Christmas Eve and Christmas Day I gonna eat a lot so I just started to drink it. I couldn't show you my result yet. But after I drink finish, I will show you my result. I am sorry, Hishop and my lovely readers :( 

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! 

Love Passionfruit taste? 
You can purchase it here -------> LINK 
Not forgotten here this code too ^^

Key in the code "MISSJASJAS" upon your checkout to entitle an exclusive 15% rebate on your purchase in Hishop! 

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