Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Dear babes and dudes, have you ever order your favourite foods from online? Any websites you usually order from? Share with me okay? Well well, it is my first time order my favourite foods from online and it is from Foodpanda! Anyone love pandas? I do love pandas because pandas are cute! Hahahahahahaha!! First of all, I would like to say thank you to The Butterfly Project Malaysia and my lovely friend from KL is Tammy Miu  too 

Let's we welcome Foodpanda Malaysia 

Look at the top brands!! 
My favourite restaurants are as above 

1. The Chicken Rice Shop 
2. Sushi King 

What else? You may check it out more restaurants through their website :) 

FoodPanda is an online food delivery portal that lets customers order food from the best restaurants and have it delivered right to their doorstep! In Malaysia, there are about 300 restaurants to choose from including popular chains like Kenny Rogers Roasters, Sakae Sushi, Tony Roma's and even local favourites like the Chicken Rice Shop or even drinks like Chatime. Does the list sound tempting already? 

Through computer/laptop 

Here are the website 

Register an account for yourself :) 

Furthermore, after registering an account for yourself, you may receive confirmation e-mail and SMS from Foodpanda and after that, you may enter your city and area and click FIND RESTAURANTS! After that, you may choose varieties of the foods you want but then you only can choose ONE BRAND! Example : T.G.I.F , so means you only can order foods from T.G.I.F. After that, you may proceed and click either ONLINE TRANSFER or CASH ON DELIVERY. Patiently, you wait your foods to arrive to you on your doorstep! :) 

You can download the app on your smartphone! 
For APPLE users 

Go to APP store and type Foodpanda 
Just click DOWNLOAD :) 

Create an account for yourself 

After login, you can choose your location and show all the restaurants available nearby your area

You may check it out all but you only can choose ONE BRAND! 

After that, you may proceed and patiently wait for your foods to arrive to your doorstep!

For ANDROID users 
Please click this LINK , thank you :) 

Well, my Foodpanda experience started here : Last Thursday (18/12/2014), I woke up at 10am and I straight on my laptop and check it out what foods I wanted to eat. Anyhow, my hubby was there with me too. I asked him what did he wants to eat? He said up to you because he ate everything! LOL! Actually, at the first place, I wanted to order Starbucks Coffee and Morganfield's but I can't! I also just know that I only can order ONE BRAND! Too bad that I couldn't order few brands I wanted to eat. Lastly, I made up my mind that I chose Morganfield's and I ordered Hickory BBQ Spare Ribs Half Slab, Pork Sausage Platter and Mushroom Soup Mushroom Soup. After that, I patiently wait for it to reach to my doorstep! I still remember that I ordered my favourite foods at 10.51am and it should be arrive my place 11.51am as it said DELIVERY WITHIN 1 hour. I can give them until 12.30pm but then it didn't arrive at all. I called them twice and they just telling me that another 10 minutes that the delivery person will delivery to me another 10 minutes. After that, I was super super super HUNGRY! I went to the kitchen and cooked a packet of maggi mee and then I ate it after that, washed the bowl and then the delivery person still not arrive yet! You know what? The foods arrived at 2.30pm! The delivery lady said sorry to my hubby and I. She also told us that the Morganfield's wants to cancel the order because it is peak season! If it is peak season for the restaurant, it shouldn't put VALID on Foodpanda website right? Anyhow, I am still very happy with the delivery lady and she is very friendly and keep saying sorry to us. I forgive the delivery lady but then for the Morganfield's service through online seriously I couldn't forgive. Imagine you waited your foods for 3 hours and half!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!! 

I ordered on Foodpanda because it is my first time ordering foods through online. And why I chose Foodpanda? It is inspired me by the cartoon movie of Kungfu Panda means it always hungry like me and needs foods a lot! HAHAHAHAHA!! Anyway, my hubby and I ate happily because the Morganfield's foods really delicious even though their service kinda bad. I really hope the service will improve :) 

Anyone love pork ribs? 
This is the best restaurant for it :) 

These are the packaging that I ordered from Morganfield's
 through Foodpanda :)
You may check out the foods pictures more 
on my Instagram : miss.jasjas 

Too bad there is no picture of the delivery lady as
 she refused to take picture with me! :( 
Great job and thumbs up for you! :) 

For more information

E-mail : support@foodpanda.my
Contact Number : 1-300-800-262 


  1. Girl, u r married? Ohh... u look so young :D

  2. Elana : yes babe!! I am married already! :) LOL!! thank you thank you but then today (31st Dec) we already have been together for 6 years already^^ but then we married on 19th Dec 2014 ya :)