Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Here is the 2nd event I have attend for my blogging career and passion. First of all, I would like to say thank you very very much to the one of the organizer Chuan for sponsored me, my hubby and best friend Stephanie for the free tickets, 2 VIP Carparks, goodies bags. We were very thankful and appreciate what you have done for us and yet we really enjoyed ourselves so much on last Saturday (16/5/2015). 

Have you ever run with obstacles and zombies? Have you ever can get medal for any run events? Have you ever can have a lot of fun with your friends during run events? I am sure it is very tough. This event "RUN FOR YOUR LIVES" was so unique and I really have my great time with my hubby and my best friend. 

Run For Your Lives is the original zombie-themed 5K obstacle course race from the United States created by Reed Street Productions in 2011. From its humble beginnings of a single event in Baltimore that attracted over 12,000 people, the zombie infection has spread to other cities in the US, and to date, they have held more than 30 successful events.

Thank you for all the sponsors :) 

On last Saturday (16/5/2015), I woke up at 6am and after that, my hubby woke up. We get ready ourselves and went out from house at 7am. We went to petrol station to pump petrol and I bought breakfast for my best friend Stephanie as her working place canteen closed. After that, we reached there at 7.15am. Luckily there is no traffic jam. We parked at VIP carpark and then walked to the entrance. We waited for Stephanie to arrive. Finally, she arrived after work. I seriously want to tell her thank you so much, Stephanie!! After that, I brought her go and park at VIP carpark too. We walked to the registration counter. We suppose to register ourselves at Info Counter. We couldn't see the booth at the first place. We asked those staffs around and then they was so blur. Finally, we found Info Counter (For VIP/MEDIA) only. We registered ourselves and then they gave us CatchThatBusApp goodies bags. Of course we got our RFYL wristband. It is green and black in color. We walked around and looking around. We found Baggage booth to put our bags at there. And again, the staffs was blur again. Well, there are many things make me quite angry but it's okay. Everyone make mistakes. There are public toilets for everyone too. I never seen public toilets super duper clean. LOL! After the run, the toilet became dirty. HAHAHA! Anyway, the run starts at 9am for Wave 1. We started around 9.30am if I am not mistaken. Well, there are 14 obstacles we gotta go through. We fight to get Survivor Medal. How to get? We have 3 life flags around our waist. To get Survivor Medal, must left 1 life flags or 2 life flags or 3 life flags, you will get it. If the life flags are gone, you will get Infected Medal. That's unique right? :) Finally, we finished the race course and we managed to get Survivor Medal. My best friend and I was injured for both elbows and legs. It is worth as we had great and happy but tired day. I was proud of myself because I can run 5km after so many years that I didn't run. And yet this race makes me beat my own fear of heights. And also after the run, I didn't feel any pain because I did workout everyday. THUMBS UP FOR MYSELF! I only feel the pain are my wounds but it is WORTH! :) 

This is the 1st obstacle that we gotta go through these wheels either you jump or step by step. I can tell you that your muscles will starts sore. I was so so tired. I told myself that never give up and I must get the Survivor Medal :) 

This is the 2nd obstacle that we gotta go through the Smoke House.There are zombies to scare you out. I just know that Stephanie and my hubby hold my hands very tightly as I couldn't see. The Smoke House they organize is so unique until you can't see anything if your eyes power terribly high hahah

After that, we gotta run to the 3rd obstacle. While we're running, there are 2 persons splash water on you and let you get wet. So, the shirt you gotta wear is old shirt that you don't want to wear already.

This is the 3rd obstacle which are you gotta climb up and slide down to the bloodbath and then climb up and slide down to the mud. This is the fear as I was so scared of heights actually. Luckily, I managed to do it. Proud of myself XD 

After that, we gotta go through the zombies means there are few zombies trying to grab our life flags around our waist. I fall down after the zombies attacked me and took away my 2 life flags and left only one life flag. I told myself to stay strong and run as fast as I can. And then, we ran and ran. We gotta go through a lot of zombies (3 times) at different places. I was super duper tired already and luckily I manage to keep my only one life flag. 

Finally, the obstacle is Laser Grid. We gotta go through the strings everywhere. LOL! 

After we manage to go through this, there is Crawl Wire Haze. This obstacle is we gotta lay our bodies down on the mud and crawl to the end. It means we gonna get dirty also. 

After we go through this, we met 2 survivor zombies. They will give one life flag to those who already no more life flags. That's unique right? Hahaha 

After this, we gotta go through Zombies zone (twice) again. I was like super duper tired. After that, we made it to this obstacle is Ladder. We gotta climb over this ladder. This is also my fear too. 

After this obstacle Ladder, we ran and ran but we gotta go though the last Zombie zone to reach The Safe Zone. To reach the Safe Zone, we gotta crawl under this while someone will splash water on you 

Finally, we made it! We are Survivor one :) 

Survivor - Make sure you still left at least 1 life flags 
Infected - Your 3 life flags are gone caused of the Zombies zone 

These are our wristband 
From left : my hubby, myself, my best friend 

Each of us got this goodies bag :) 
Thank you so much to the sponsors 
CatchThatBus, Mini and Kiehl's

After we finished the run, each of us got this goodies bag 
They don't lie to us 
Either you're Survivor or Infected or Zombies, 
you will get 

Selfie of myself before taking my bath 
Proud of myself ^^

MissJasJas (the blogger) and my best friend Stephanie 

My Beloved Hubby + Me + My BFF 

Once again, I would like to say another thank you so much 
to the organizers 

Chuan + Carson + Delon (Dusty Monkeys) 
Victor (Tripda) 

For more information 



  1. Looks like viper challenge leh! Exited exited :D

  2. Jacqueline : LOL!!! thank you dear for reading and leave me a comment <3