Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Here's the review that I want to share is BloomThis flowers. I won it from my lovely friend Cindy Tong's giveaway. Once again, thank you so much for chosen me, my dear. But then at the same time, I feel sorry that I can't give my beloved mummy personally and take pictures with her anymore.

BloomThis is about creating moments of happiness. A gorgeously arranged bunch on a table immediately brightens the entire place; the smell of a blossoming flower brightens of our day; a handcrafted bouquet lifts our spirits.

At BloomThis, we take pride in going at great lengths to find the most luxurious flowers and bring them right to you. BloomThis offers one-off deliveries or you can subscribe to regular deliveries of fresh flowers sent either weekly or fortnightly a month. Our bespoke flower boxes are uniquely designed to fit in specially handpicked flowers that are sure to delight you. There are no secrets but tones of surprises, as you’ll never know what flowers you will get each week until you unbox them. Some may interest you, some won’t, but once in a while you will stumble upon flowers that will leave you in awe!

That’s what we are about; BloomThis regularly sends you (or the lucky person you're sending to) beautiful flowers fresh from the farm. Because life is beautiful and is always filled with surprises, we want to bring you moments of beautiful surprises every time!

Signature - Single Delivery (RM 69) 
Quinzena - Fortnightly / Month (RM 98) 
Sabbath - Weekly / Month (RM 176) 

They usually delivery every Thursdays! 
It is FREE DELIVERY within KL and Penang 

The packaging that BloomThis did it for their customers 
At the first place, I was worried how is the packaging gonna be 
Well, the packaging is good! THUMBS UP FOR THEM :) 

Their wrapping service are good too! 

Close up of the photo (above) 

They chose and sent colorful flowers to me 
They're Carnation ^^ 

They wrapped one of them like this :)
How great is their service ^^ 

They put this item into all the flowers, 
so that it can lasts long :) 

BloomThis are so special on these greeting cards :) 
They will print your name out on the cards ^^
They also gave me a code for me to 
buy another bouquet for myself XD

To me, everyday are Happy Mother's Day as my beloved mummy always important in my life even though she already passed away. She left me almost 2 years already. It gonna be forever also. I know that. Honestly, I am still feeling sad inside my heart but then I am always hide inside my heart. I only can share my everything to my beloved mummy. I feel that she is only one understands me, knows how to make me happy and laugh, taught me a lot of things and I am always remember it. I would like to say thank you so much to my lovely friend Cindy Tong and BloomThis for these flowers. Even though I couldn't give these flowers to her anymore, I will go and pray her soon with these flowers. I hope you guys don't mind about it. Each day by day, the flowers bloom and brighten my morning day. Well, there are a lot of things I regret that I didn't do those things with her. I just want to tell her that I love you and miss you so much, Mummy! You're always NUMBER 1 in my heart. Nobody can replace you, Mummy :) 

**Come and brighten your days by presenting yourself or loved ones with these flowers**

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