Thursday, March 17, 2016


It was my first time that I received Rexona deodorants (male and female). It was out of sudden that postman came to my house and I signed it and saw my name JASJAS TEOH also. After opening, I was so so excited about the products. 

This is the packaging that I got it from Rexona :) 

Rexona Men Invisible Dry Black + White 250ml 
Invisble Dry Black + White antiperspirant deodorant aerosol combines 48hours control with anti-white mark and anti-yellow stain protection for your clothes. 

Rexona Women Passion Dry 150ml 
RM 11.90 
Rexona with FRESHPROTECT lets you smell clean and fresh with extra bursts of freshness released all day! 

Overall, for the men deodorant, my baby hubby used once for his armpits. He doesn't like it. For the women deodorant, it was my first time applied deodorant on my armpits. I just feel the passionfruit smell when I sprayed onto my armpits. Hahahaha! Those who got apply deodorant on your armpit, you should try this REXONA FRESHPROTECT PASSION. For the men deodorant, I can't give any feedback much. If you're okay with any deodorant, maybe you should try it! :) 

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