Monday, October 3, 2016


First of all, I want to say thank you so much to Rohto-Mentholatum (M) Sdn Bhd and Circuit Communication team for this collaboration and let me try the purest natural food grade ingredients in just one stick. I am holding Lip Pure Boosts Lip Moisture with 5 Natural Essential Oils + 3 types of Honey Extracts + Plant Extracts. This Lip Pure has the best natural and safe ingredients to nourish your lips for smoother, softer lips with its long-lasting moisturizing effect. Mentholatum's latest Lip Pure Essential Oil lip balm boasts only pure natural food grade ingredients in its formulation which makes it excellent even for those with sensitive lips as it is fragrance free. 

Lip Pure Lip Balm 
Natural Beewax + Food Grade Ingredients 

5 types of Food Grade Natural Essential Oil 
Argan Oil, Marula Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, 
Shea Butter and Avocado Oil 

3 types of Honey Bee Ingredients
Contains Beewax, Royal Jelly and Manuka Honey to lock-in moisture and provide long lasting hydration. Its gentle formula is suitable even for sensitive skin. 

Natural Plant Ingredients
Enriched with natural plant ingredients such as Meadow-foam Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil and Rosemary Leaf Extract to protect and nourish lips leaving it beautifully soft and supple. 

The color of the product packaging and
 the color of lip balm are yellow


After application, my lips feel smooth . 
This Lip Pure Lip Balm available at all leading pharmacies and major supermarket outlets at RM 17.90 (4g). 

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