Sunday, December 11, 2016


It is December month already. It also means last month of 2016. I am very thankful to all the brands that I worked with. I hope we will still continue our collaboration. I got my Amez pantyliners on November month. I am just free today as I got my off day. Thank you so much for sponsored this 2 packets of Amez pantyliners. 

Here is the photo that I posted into my Instagram 
Thank you Amez and team :)

The Amez Care Pantyliner Bio Herbal Sanitary Pantyliner is the one pantyliner that offers optimal protection. These specially-designed products include a specially-blended herbal essence that allows you to stay fresh and clean whether you are having a light period day or are simply seeking a way to stay dry and fresh from normal vaginal discharge throughout the month. These amazing multiple-layered pads are thin, offer the highest level of absorbency of any pantyliner, and are designed to be worn daily with no detrimental effects!

Our Bio Herbal Pantyliner for Women may be used daily as an effective means to manage discharge, during mid-cycle to manage increased secretions as a result of ovulation, or on those days when spotting from the menstrual cycle occurs. In addition to this, these products are perfect for optimal protection from those periods that pop up and occur unexpectedly. Long gone are the days of the unexpected embarrassment of starting a period early! The multiple absorbency channels protect your skin from wetness and irritation while also protecting your clothing!

In addition to the normal discharge and menstrual flow, many elect to wear the Amez Care Pantyliner Bio Herbal Sanitary Pantyliner as a means of protection from light bladder leakage. These liners include a core that quickly and effectively locks away wetness and eliminates odor. If you want to stay fresh and dry, this is the way to go! Unlike the average pantyliners that are currently available on the market, the Bio Herbal Pantyliner for Women include a vast array of natural herbs that will ensure your comfort, protect your skin, and will improve your overall health! The following outlines the natural substances and benefits you will experience:

 Aloe Vera
This is a powerful antiseptic that will sooth the skin and clean the sensitive regions of the female body

This combats infections and bacteria. In addition to this,
 it effectively eliminates pain and helps eliminate troublesome menstrual symptoms

Tea Plant Extract
This substance aids in blood circulation and reduces the chance of the development of blood clots

Chamomile Oil
This herbal remedy fights infections, combats mental oppression, and reduces inflammation

This aids in the elimination of nervous tension, reduces pain, disinfects the skin, and soothes anxiety and depression

The Amez Care Pantyliner Bio Herbal Sanitary Pantyliner is not like the traditional pantyliners that have been used the past several decades. They accomplish more than simple absorbency. They are designed to absorb at high rates, eliminate moisture from the skin, clean the vaginal area, and eliminate uncomfortable symptoms. If you want to optimize your health and ensure the highest level of freshness in between cycles, this Bio Herbal Pantyliner for Women is for you!

What are my feedback towards this product : It was very good. All the while, I couldn't find good pantyliners for myself because my private part used to get itchy. Finally, I found this Amez pantyliner suitable for my private part. Thank you once again, Amez. 

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