Wednesday, January 4, 2017


It is 4th January 2017. I already stepped into new life, new career, new pathway. Before that, I would like to write this post is for some memories always stay in my heart. I know those who I mentioned later, they won't read about it but I still want to write and tell them that thank you for coming into my life since March 2015 until April 2016. I am gonna miss all of the memories so much. I will tell them that GOOD LUCK AND ALL THE BEST. 


This is the 1st picture between me and them. Someone named Joo Peng invited me to surprise her friend Kee Xian for the birthday party. We managed to surprise him on his birthday. From here, those friends that I am always cherished since Day 1 until now are Eugene, Jason, Isabel, Kee Xian, Joo Peng and Alvin.


This picture makes a group named UON kick me and my hubby out from the group whatsapp chats. It is because they said we betray UON. Well, let's me tell you that WE DON'T BETRAY UON AT ALL. NOTHING TO BETRAY ANYWAY. What I want at the first place is I want to learn trading. The problem I want ONE ON ONE TRADING but then you guys asked me to go back to my leader. Another problem is my leader is a marketer. How could he teach me trading? This group TOP gives me the feeling of family and they don't count who is who under which leader. 


These picture is how we celebrate our New Year Eve (31/12/2015). That time I really very thankful to someone named Joo Peng as I really treat her are 3 roles by using my heart to be friends with her. The 3 roles are best leader, best friend and best sister. Because of her, I really happy towards my 2015. I really want to say thank you for always be there for me during March 2015 until April 2016. 

[ TOP NEON PARTY 30/1/2016 ]

I missed this TOP NEON PARTY so much. I will never forget how much we had fun from 6pm until 2am. I will never forget our happy memories at here. I never been so high until I can drink up to 25 pints. I think I still can drink more than 25 pints. Hahaha. There are a lot of pictures between me and them. I am so ugly anyway. I am not gonna post any pictures. 


This picture is all of us celebrated Eugene's 21st birthday and Chinese New Year with them too. This year onwards, I couldn't celebrate his birthday already. But anyhow, I always wish him happy birthday in my heart as he was a best leader and best brother to me also. I missed all the voice messages between me and him. We were teasing Joo Peng on the phone. Hahaha. I want to tell him that good luck and all the best in his everything. 


This picture is on CNY 2016. We are at Joo Peng's house. We gamble. Who won? Hahahaha. Here I knew a guy named Jason Lim. I really had happy and fun CNY on 2015. But it is very sad that I couldn't celebrate CNY with them anymore. I need to say goodbye to this picture anyway. 


This picture is my first time that I bake a cake for my beloved sister named Joo Peng. Even though we are different parents but then I really treat you as my sister with my sincere heart. Once again, I would like to say thank you so much for always be there for me. It was our first time that we wore same shirt that we bought at Giordano. It was represents our friendship as sisters. I still remembered how I surprise her. I went to her house and then I hide the cake beside me. Her mummy open the door for me. After that, she came out from her room and I surprise her. She really got shocked. Hahahaha. It was too bad for her that she cannot blew any candles. Then, we went out to Baskin Robbin, Gurney Plaza.


This picture was on 19/4/2016. I really missed this GK Class and I learnt a lot of knowledges. I thought I will be with them as team in TOP but I didn't stay together with them. End up I left this group and company as something happened. I didn't blame anyone in TOP at all. Because of them, I get to learn what I want in TOP. You all always be missed in my heart. 

[ FUNTHURDAY WITH THEM - 30/4/2016 ]

This picture is we do sport together. I seriously had great and fun thursday with them. This picture was at Botanical Garden and it was raining at there too but then we still play. I am gonna miss this picture so much too. 

[ WOMEN X WE-MAN GATHERING - 10/4/2016 ]

This picture is all of girls in the company of MPA. Once again, I was about wanted to achieve my dreams like my sister Joo Peng. She shared her story in front of everyone. I felt very touched after hearing her story and want to achieve my dreams together with her. Once again, it was sad that I couldn't achieve my dreams with her. Because of someone, our friendship and sisters relationship already far apart. I am very sad that our friendship and sisters relationship couldn't last long. I am very sorry to her that I misunderstand her and Eugene because of someone. I doesn't want to mention his name because all the things seriously make me shy and feel very "paiseh" with my sister Joo Peng and my brother Eugene too. 


Here is where I came to Philosopy of Trading alone to KL by myself to meet up with all my business partners which are them inside the picture. I learnt a lot of knowledges at here too. I really thought that I will stay together with them and achieve my dreams at here. It was so sad that something had happened and nothing can change anymore. I would like to wish everyone inside the picture good luck and all the best in your everything. SINCERELY FROM MISSJASJAS. 


I missed doing sports such as playing badminton, swimming and workout (100 squats and 100 pushups) with them. Now, I couldn't play badminton, swimming and workout with you all. I am quite sad that nobody can play badminton with me. At least I can get to swim and do workout by myself. I missed all of you are Joo Peng, Eugene, Jason, Isabel and others. 


This dinner and our conversation between me and Joo Peng sis and Eugene bro. I really missed our conversation full of happiness and laughters as well. Once again, thank you for the treat, bro. It was delicious dinner for me in Pavilion. 

Things end! Memories last forever and live inside my heart. 
I love you all as my best partners, friends, brothers and sisters within this year.
Never thought our friendship have to be end like this. 

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