Thursday, March 15, 2018


Dear my beloved readers! Are you looking for baby gifts for your loved ones? I got these Cuddles and Chews Organic Cotton Pillows for my beloved nieces named Jennabelle and Hazel. Please don't think that I am pregnant or got kids. I am married without any kids. Hahaha. 

Anyway, I am sure many of you (my dear friends) sure curious why suddenly I can change my mind by liking kids? Honestly, I doesn't like babies because I just don't like babies at all. I don't know why until my brother got baby girl (Jennabelle). She was very cute and yet naughty. I still remembered that we went to Sunway Pyramid and my sister in law was trying the clothes at Zara. Then, my beloved niece Jennabelle cried so loudly until I find a way that I sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars for her. She stopped crying until my sister in law came out from the fitting room & paid money to the counter for her clothes. I was like omg!! in the public and I sang song for her? From this moment, I started loving my beloved niece. After a year, my sister was pregnant with baby girl named Hazel. I wonder when they gonna give birth to baby boy XD. 

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Jennabelle is my brother's baby daughter :) 

Close up of the design pattern - Unicorn!! 

 Jennabelle is her name! 

 Hazel is my sister's baby daughter 

 Close up of the design pattern - Fairies!! 

 Hazel is her name!

Every of the pillow case is made by Cuddles & Chews! 

Why are Buckwheat pillow good for infants and toddlers? 
Why are Organic Cotton Pillow good for kids? 

1. Babies are prone to be frightened by sudden movements and noises caused by the surroundings. Therefore, this pillow is laid on their chests to give the babies a sense of security, as they will feel that they are being cuddled in their mummy’s arm or even in the womb. This pillow also acts as cushioning from loud noises and movements. 

2. Buckwheat hulls allow the pillow to be shaped easily by hand to suit your preferences, therefore it is highly convenient for parents to bring it along during baby's day out. 

3. Buckwheat pillows actually attract far fewer dust mites than other types of pillows since the hulls are inedible. 

4. Buckwheat hulls provide good air circulation to help keep babies cool on hot humid nights, and you do not have to worry about suffocation.

I am giving Cuddles and Chews Organic Cotton Pillow 5/5 because 
1. The pillows was very well-packed with sealed plastic bag 
2. The pillows' design was very cute and attract babies/kids, parents and even me too 
3. The pillows was very soft and even I feel want to hug it too hahaha
4. Buckwheat hulls provide good air circulation to help keep babies cool on hot humid nights, and you do not have to worry about suffocation - IMPORTANT! 
5. Organic Cotton Pillows and Buckwheat Hulls Pillows are same function but different size only. Organic Cotton Pillows are for 1-5 years old and Buckwheat Hulls Pillows are for less than 1 year old.  

For more information 
Without Embroidery Name - RM 45 
With Embroidery Name - RM 55 
**There are several products you can check it out**