Wednesday, November 21, 2018


Wheee!! Are you excited with Althea Korea new product? It is Milk Peel Cream Mask that they have launched. If your skin is suitable for all their products, you seriously found the best skincare + makeup brand ever - Althea Exclusives! 

Althea's Milk Peel Cream Mask contains AHA and BHA extracts. It is very gentle mask that I have tried. It is super effective which it can transforms from a clay to a whipped cream lather, whisking away dead skin cells to prevent flakiness. It is also formulated with casein protein from milk to revitalize and moisturize the skin. 


AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) and BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid) act to “unglue” the bonds holding dull, dead skin on the surface. Once those bonds are broken, it will gently and evenly our skin naturally sheds. Although you won’t actually see your skin exfoliating, you’ll soon see the smoother, younger-looking skin hiding beneath. To work effectively, AHA and BHA exfoliants must be formulated within a narrow pH range, between 3 and 4. 


AHAs works on skin’s surface and it is water soluble. They’re generally preferred for normal to dry, sun-damaged skin, due to their ability to enhance natural moisturizing factors within skin. They’ve also been proven effective in reducing the visible signs of sun damage.

BHA works on skin’s surface and inside the pores. It's oil soluble, so it most often preferred for normal to oily skin prone to bumps, clogs, blemishes, and enlarged pores. BHA also has natural skin-calming properties, so it’s gentle enough for sensitive skin prone to redness. 

I had tried and tested on my skin 

These are all my reviews for Althea Exclusives 

I am giving 5/5 for this Althea Korea Milk Peel Cream Mask because
1. The scent of the mask is like baby powder and I missed it very much 
2. It doesn't irriate my skin even though it is clay mask which it transforms whipped cream lather 
3. I love it very much when I massage my face for 60 seconds until it forms bubbles, so it means we need to wash our face with warm water
 4. I feel very fresh after using this mask 
5. I will repurchase it again once I finish my 1st bottle, it is also means it is superb recommended 

For more information 
Price : RM 36 (HERE)
Free shipping on all Althea Exclusives with CODE : PBSHIP (limited time) 

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