Friday, February 15, 2019


Good morning my lovely readers! I know you guys must know this product very well or you guys must be wondering what is it? Anyway, I got this Peripera Fashion People's Carrier Pink Luggage Set from Mamasan Tammy. I decided to get it from her because it is cute and full of beauty products. 

Isn't so cute? Hehe :) 

There are 5 types of beauty products! 

What’s Inside?
A real mini carrier with an amazing quality – It can turn 360 degrees and you can take out and put on the handle anytime. You can also remove the plastic holding the products so you can store more makeup in it.
1. Cute Stickers – You can decorate your own mini carrier using DIY stickers without following the same design as others!
2. Peri’s Ink The Velvet No 2- So Grapefruit
3. Ink the Airy Velvet No 5. – Elf Light Rose
4. Vivid Tint Water No. 3 – Apple Squeeze
5. Ink Concealer No. 1 – Vanilla
6. Multi Shadowing – For Eyes and Contour (exclusive to this set)

This is my own DIY on my pink luggage :) 

I used Ink Concealer No. 1 – Vanilla with A'bloom Baby Meringue Puff 

I love this color very much - Peri’s Ink The Velvet No 2- So Grapefruit

Light lipstick color - Vivid Tint Water No. 3 – Apple Squeeze

Pinky lipstick color - Ink the Airy Velvet No 5. – Elf Light Rose

For more information
You can check these products available at Althea Korea

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