Sunday, July 19, 2020


Good afternoon my beloved readers 💙. Want to save some space and still look good for your shoes? Those who know me well, I love to keep my room clean even though I am renting a room in KL. Also, I love to organize my stuffs properly no matter beauty products, neccessaties stuffs, and even my shoes.

I was wanted to have shoe boxes for my lovely shoes. Previously, I put my shoes outside of the house but due to the psycho owner said don't allow to put, I gotta put my shoes in my room. Finally, I have this OCDEE shoe boxes to keep my shoes look more good and easy for me to take my shoes when I want to wear them.

OCDEE started off with the thought of how they can live an optimal and conducive personal environment within the size of space they are in as they believe that an enjoyable living space is very well associated with one's well being. OCDEE envision to be the basic essentials for creating a minimal, practical and aesthetically pleasing space. Hence, they kicked off with their very first product, Convi shoebox. It is available in ⚪️ and ⚫️. It is made out of recycled plastic.

Here is my lovely shoes into OCDEE Shoe Boxes. Well, I only have 7 pairs of shoes, another 2 pair of shoes which I keep wearing them everyday which I put outside of the house and another 2 pairs of slippar which I keep wearing them everyday too. Total I have 10 pairs of shoes in my life. Hahaha. It is too bad that I couldn't buy a lot of shoes because I have a very small feet which is UK 3. Anyhow, it is good that I can save a lot of money too :) 

The shoe boxes are quite thick and it can supports no matter how heavy of your shoes. Also, you no need worry of dust inside of your shoes too. It is covered. It is not easy and tough to install the whole shoe box as long as you follow the instruction that given each of the boxes. Organize your shoes with OCDEE Convi shoe boxes now!! 

I have combined 2 videos in 1. I am so excited to unboxing them and yet please ignore my face because I am kinda tired as I just come back home from work. 

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