Sunday, November 15, 2020



Good evening my beloved readers 💕. Normally what you guys have for breakfast? I used to eat bread with water only. Right now, I can make my breakfast more delicious as I have my only one blender and it became one of my best friend too. It called Hiblendr. It doesn't mean you only make your breakfast, you can blend anytime you want. I used to get hungry during night time. It is time for me to take care of myself and gets more healthier as I can blend my favourite fruits with yogurts too.

This is my unboxing video of my blender Hiblendr 

This is my excitedly how to make my own smoothies video 


1. Use fresh fruit for the best results. 
2. If you like it cold, you can use frozen fruits instead of ices. 
3. Clean your Hiblendr Juice Cup Pro after using with water and a drop of dishwashing liquid. Just blend and shake that thing. 
4. Ensure that you have add sufficient liquid to the cup before you blend ices. Start with a few cubes, blend them up and add more if you'd like. 
5. If you encoutered a jam, give it a shake to loosen the jam, then hold it at the angle of 45 degree to achieve the best result 
6. If it smart indicator lights are flashing red, please check the if you have done these followings : 
a) Ensure that you have close the lid tight enough that the lights shows flashing green lights when closing it
b) Ensure your Hiblendr Juice Cup Pro is charged (short press the button once to check battery level). 
c) Ensure that the contents of the cup does not exceeds the "max" mark in the cup. 

a) When cleaning, do not run water directly near the USB port (even if it's sealed) to avoid getting liquid inside of your Hiblendr Juice Cup Pro
b) Do not put hot liquids over 60 degree
c) Do not leave food to sit for extended period of time, as some fruits can ferment and it could be hard to clean

For more information 
There are 3 colors you can choose from : Pink, White, Blue 

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