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Dear my beloved readers πŸ’™. Anyone love facial very much? To be honest, it was my first time doing facial at the age of 28 years old. Now I really understand why my housemate loves to go facial every month and it was really amazing. ME Signature is located in No 178, Jalan Maarof, Bangsar, 59000 Kuala Lumpur. The facial that I did is 360 SOS Advanced Collagen Facial. It is for anti-aging, skin firming and moisturizing. Also, there are 9 steps for this facial, so it takes 2 hours to relax yourself and your face too. It sounds very amazing and you must try it because I have tried it on my face. It was really good and please ignore me for being so silly as it was my first time did facial in my life. 

Items will prepared by beautician are disposable hair cap and robe 

Let's we begin with the first step. It was opening phase which the beautician will gives you 5 minutes of relaxing pressure point opening massage with any oil. For the 2nd step, she will cleanse your face and double cleaning for 5 minutes on the below video. I feel so wonderful during the start until the end. 

This is the video for the 2nd step as it is a must to cleanse
 your face before facial 

After the 2nd step, the 3rd step will be scrub and steam for 10 minutes as it is easy for the beautician to do extraction on your face for 20 minutes which is the 4th step. The beautician named Miss Aimon. She was very gentle and slowly extract the blackheads and whiteheads from my whole face. It has several parts of my face which has a lot of blackheads, she need to use more energy to extract them. Overall, she was very good in her service. *thumbs up*

This video is the 5th step as after extraction. It is a step before using Ultrasound Machine. This is the collagen ampoules that she applied on my face. 

The 5th step is called Ultrasound Machine  

They're using this ultrasound machine for better absorption after applying collagen ampoules on my face. I really love this step very much as I can feel the amazing firming my whole face with it. After that, there are 10 minutes of face massage which use water base cream or half gel mixed with half portion of cream and 10 minutes of shoulder massage as we lie down quite long, so it is a must to enjoy their shoulder massage. 

This video is the 6th step which you can get to enjoy face massage and shoulder massage as well

This is the 7th step. It is called LED healing lights therapy. It has 2 lights which are red and blue. The red light means stimulates collagen proteins and reduce inflammation while improving circulation which provide a glowing skin. The blue light means decrease scarring, promote anti-inflammatory effects and anti-bacteria. 

This is the 8th step. This step called mask activation. It needs to be leave for 15 minutes and it is collagen soft mask. I know I look like Incredible Hulk. Hahaha. This step makes me not so comfortable as you can feel your whole face covered with mud and you cannot move at all. 

The last step will be final touch which your face will be apply with their toner, moisturizer and sun protection if the day you went is daytime. 

I am giving 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 for this facial as I am honestly review it as I never do facial in my life before. There are 9 steps for the overall facial. It takes 2 hours so remember to make sure you're free on that day and just enjoy the facial with shoulder massage too. Also, I have good news for you guys!! Remember to mention my name MSJASJAS for when you PM them and you will get special discount for this 360 Advanced Collagen Facial. 

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