Wednesday, July 28, 2021


A mattress is one of the top things we have body contact with everyday which leads to dirt, dust mites and other allergens accumulating on it over time. It is everyone’s daily essentials as most of us are spending at least 6 hours and above with our mattress during sleeping or napping. A clean and comfortable mattress is essential for good health and a good sleep to keep our mind fresh and focused on the next day.

It is very unhealthy to sleep on a mattress that is full with lots of germs. Therefore, it is very important to have regular cleaning for your mattress to maintain its hygiene. If you haven't cleaned the mattress for a long time, you probably should now.

Many people think that unless there is a spill or an accident, you don’t need to clean the mattress, but the truth is that it needs to be frequently cleaned because of the high frequency of use.

The reasons why it is important to have a clean mattress to sleep on:

● Reduce risk of allergies. When you keep itching or blowing your nose on the tissue, it is difficult to fall asleep at night. Dust mites and fungi can trigger other health reactions, which can disturb your sleep and make you uncomfortable when sleeping. Hence, cleaning the mattress can reduce the risk of allergies, itching, and prevent certain diseases by eliminating harmful bacteria.

● Remove visible stains. We sweat when we fall asleep which happens naturally and uncontrollably. So, our mattress may be stained with sweat, dirt or other body fluids like blood stains or urine stains and left unsightly marks on our mattress can cause the growth of germs. A deep mattress cleaning can remove these stubborn stains away to ensure its good appearance.

● Get rid of unwanted odors. By cleaning your mattress, the stains are also removed while at the same time to leave it smelling fresh and clean.

● Proper care and maintenance for your mattress type. Proper care to prevent severe odours, bacterial growth, and heavy stains of the mattress is key if you want your mattress to last for years. A thorough cleaning of the latex mattress will reduce wear in order to prolong the lifespan of the mattress.

● For a good air environment in the bedroom. Dirty mattresses are one of the main factors that cause air pollution in the room. The room starts to stink over time and hence a steam mattress cleaning can instantly improve the air quality of your room.

In a nutshell, a clean mattress will greatly help in improving the quality of sleep and breathing air around you. While a good quality of sleep is very important for starting a new day, of course, always engage with a professional mattress cleaning service if you can’t handle it on your own.

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