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Dear my beloved readers, Happy International Women's Day! It is March 8th. 

Before this date, I was literally sad and angry at the same time. I really would like to share my story that it is really happened on me. I really never thought that it could be happen on me because I always heard other people' stories regarding their agent that cheated on them. Unfortunately, it is really happened on me. 

First of all, I gotten an insurance policy from my dad and he had bought for me since I was small until the age of 21 and it was 2011, he told me that I have to take up my insurance policy to pay by myself as I already started working. In the year 2015, I was working in bank industry. From this working place, I get to know a lot of friends and I was good friend with a girl named Jeanna. One day, I resigned from the company and then she also resigned. In the year of 2019, she told me that she is doing insurance agent and she is represents Great Eastern. At the same time, I was wanted to upgrade my benefits, so I asked her how she would be able to help me? 

This is the insurance policy number that my dad bought for me. It was RM 190/month.

After inforced the policy, she asked me not to pay the old policy (PN : 101421640), The old policy, you just need to keep for another 2 years as every new policies period need to be 2 years. Bear in your mind. 

Before we get our new insurance policies, we must declare our health condition(s) to our agents. In the year 2011, I was diagnosed with this risky disease named Hep C and I gotten it thru my mummy. What can I do? When the doctors said there's no treatments for it, I just tell myself to stay strong and move on with my life. Can you guys imagine that you're 19 and then you was diagnosed with this risky disease in your blood? I guess everyone of you might cannot take it. However, I accepted it and I just tell God that if you want me to die, just take my life away. I scared of pain. I am not scared of death. Well, I have declared all and even submitted all the original reports to my agent. Then, what agent should do? She/He should go and do her/his responsibilties and be responsible on our insurance policies that she is holding and earning money from insurance company. 

And what happened? 

Last year Aug 2023, I was fallen sick due to UTI (Urinary Tract Infection), and needed to be admitted into hospital because I have seen doctor twice in a clinic. Also, I have bought 2nd policy with another agent but same insurance company. What happened was my agent told me that the guarantee letter was approved. After staying for 3 days 2 nights, suddenly the hospital finance department called me and told me that my GL was stopped at RM 1,000. The balance of the medical bill I have to pay up which is RM 5k+. That time I was so shocked and kept calling my agent, she did not pick up the calls. Then, I messaged her that why it stopped at 1k? You guys might quite shocked that I am not recover yet and I already have to force myself to discharge because the medical bills could be go up to 10k+, that time I really wonder who can help me and my husband? You know what, the reason why it stopped at 1k, it is because of my agent's irresponsible attitude by not declaring my Hep C into the policy. When I asked her, she can say "I think it is miscommunication and I also forget that time". I was like walao eh! This kind of important things, you can simply just say like this. Anyway, I can tell you that you're very stupid because you admitted into the Whatsapp msg and I can use all the evidences to sue you about it. 

I really never thought this could be happen on me as I always heard other people' stories saying insurance agent(s) and companies cheated on customers. I meant seriously? If I didn't go and buy 2nd policy, then I wouldn't know that my agent cheated on me for 5 years since 2019 but the policy was inforced in the year of 2020 until 2023. What if the medical bill goes up to 50k or 500k? How am I gonna pay? Pay by selling butt? Sell organs? Borrow from loan sharks? Each time of my off days, I needed to go to the HQ to submit my claim documents and they keep merry go round with me that they need to investigate. Given them from Sept 2023 until Dec 2023 to get my claim 5k, still can tell me the word of investigate. Then, I complaint about my agent on Jan 2024 and submitted all the evidences to the email that provided by the CS, after that still can tell me "in the midst of investigation?". Honestly, I hate ppl wasting my time and I also don't like ppl to wait for me too. 

Then, I decided don't want this policy anymore because it was not supposed to be exist. It means I want all my premium paid since 2020 until 2023. When I asked for my premium paid, still tell me this word of investigate? WTF! If you guys want to go and investigate my agent, go ahead and waste your time but NOT MY TIME. I gave them the timeframe before 8th March 2024, if not I'll report all the evidences to Bank Negara Malaysia and even take legal action towards my agent. 

If you ask me whether I am scared or not, I am not scared for asking my money back. Money is hard to earn as I am not born in rich family and I do not have financial support from my family at all. I have to stood up to earn my own money even though my health condition is not good since I was born. Anything that I want to buy is my own hard earned money. How can we allow other people to take advantage on us? It is NEVER in MissJasJas's book OR Jasmin Teoh's book. 

Yesterday (7th March 2024), I have received my premium paid since 2020 until 2023. I am so happy and relaxed that I managed to fight what is rightfully belong to me. I would like to share that the importance of being vigilant about our rights and ensuring that we are treated fairly especially when it comes to matters as critical as health insurance. We need to stood up for ourselves and fought to reclaim what was rightfully ours.

From this experience, I have learnt 

1) Fight for your rights as long as you have the evidences to fight
2) Never put the 100% trust on someone even you have known her/him for years when involves your life
3) Never be afraid of anyone/anything as long as you know that you’re right


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