Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Have you ever personalized your necklace before? You can personalized your necklace at this online shop Sugar Gift which selling personalized necklace, rings, couple rings, bracelet and bangles. You may choose and buy it from them. The owner is Shue Ping and she is very friendly and gives me good service too. Thank you my dear Shue Ping.

Well, finally I did personalized my necklace is MissJasJas. It is very nice and I love it so much. Actually, some people may ask me why I put MissJasJas? I really don't know where I got this name and it is copyrighted by me when I was Form 3. 

MissJasJas is the name 
Without box :( 

Finally, I got the box from her!!! 
Taken on today (18/6/2014)

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