Wednesday, June 18, 2014


On 9/6/2014, my god brother MC and I went out together again. He came and fetched me from my house and headed to Permata swimming club which is located at Farlim. We went for a swim and there is a fee which is RM 4 per entry! And I was like OMG! Because of what? There are so many people and I am so so shy because my waist not slim and yet I wore bikini for swim! Is it not great right?

After that, I also took out my clothes and went into the swimming pool no matter what also because I missed swimming so much. It has been years I didn't swim because my apartment's swimming pool was so dirty and always full of those selfish people wearing their clothes and jumped into the swimming pool. Some people did make complaint and I feel that there is no changes, so I rather not to swim then. 

We swam until 6 something and we get up as I am hungry already. So we got up and changed into clothes again. So, we went back to his house and I took my bath. After bathing, I changed into new clothes which I brought together with me. After that, he went and get ready too while I was talking with his dad. After that, we went out for dinner. We was wanted to try Gala House but then it is closed after I checked on Facebook. 

So, we went to Kaffa Expresso Bar which is located at Esplanade. First thing I love about Kaffa, the feeling has vintage style and full of drawings on the wallpaper. I love it very much! After that, we need to order our foods and beverages at the counter and then the waiter/waitress will serve the foods for us. 

Our table number

Iced Chocolate - RM 10

Beef Burger - RM 19.90

Soup of the day - RM 5.90

Spaghetti Creamy Tomato/Chicken - RM 20.90

REMINDER : This portion can be share with 2 people if you're not big eater :) 

After eating and chilling for a while, he dropped me back home. I was so happy that our friendship still lasts long until now. We have been friends and sis/bro for 7 years plus.


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