Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Dear babes and dudes, how are you recently? I am so so busy with my work because I am working for 12 hours everyday! Sigh sigh! I am kinda very tired of this job because of stress. I am very very stress everyday and every night until I couldn't sleep well and always kept thinking where to find customers to sign up HSBC credit card under me. Sometimes I am kinda hate myself because all my colleagues can get up to 10++ submissions but not me! I am also feel so so sad too. 

But anyhow, I received a lot of sponsorship these days actually. I am very very happy that they contacted me actually. Thank you so much to those who appreciate me and my blog posts as well. I hope my blog posts will help you guys and hope you guys enjoy my blog posts too. Hehe. Anyway, I would like to write about iPrice Group Malaysia. Have you heard about it? Mostly the answer is NO right? 

iPrice Group is a start-up e-commerce company focusing on helping online shoppers save money while they shop, as well as provide provide product information about different brands.They also selling some brands coupons so that you can get your favourite items with discounts! How wonderful is it right? Let's we check it out together! 

iPrice also selling many products such as electronics, women and men clothing, shoes, bags, watches, jewellery, kids and toys, sports and outdoors, beauty and health, home and living, and automotive. You may check them out for your shopping heaven at HERE!!

I love this so much!!!
How wish someone can sponsor me this!!! Anyone? XD

I love this gadget so much because I love selfie so much. 
I hope I can take a lot of pictures using this camera too. 

So far I am in love with gadgets as I want to take a lot of pictures of myself, me & my family, me & my hubby, me & my friends and everyone who love me and appreciate me so much. Those who love buying online items, you can check out this online shopping - iPrice :) 

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  1. Hello :D I also wish i can get sponsorship for this :( ANyway followed yar on google+ :D

  2. Sherlyn : high five!! keep waiting :) thank you thank you <3