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Dear babes and dudes, I am gonna blog about myself with my colleagues. This post is before I left HSBC and I want to write it to keep as my part of memories. Before I continue the story, I hope our friendship never ends and I seriously appreciate you guys' help and your kindness to me. To me, you guys are very important in my life. If got anything help, I will help you guys too. FRIENDSHIP FOREVER, brothers and sisters! 

Last day of March 2015, it was HSBC teams gathering means ALL THE TEAMS. It was held at Ocean Green Seafood Restaurant. On that day, everyone was working and my team got meeting after that. After meeting, everyone ready to go there. Jeff korkor fetched me from there and went to fetch Ah Heng from his house. After that, we headed N-PARK Malay coffee shop and fetched Gavin. That time raining so heavily and we headed Jelutong area and fetched our colleague Lawrence. He gotta takes 20 minutes to get ready. I wonder what guys take 20 minutes to get ready. LOL! Finally, he came down and we headed to the restaurant. Luckily got place to park as we were late to the venue. 

Everyone started talking, makan makan and selfieness non stop. Not forgotten, SINGING especially. I got 2 videos are sang by MC (my brother) and Jeanna (my sister). They're very good in singing. After eating the last dish, everybody went to the stage provided and take pictures together. I seriously missed you guys so much. After the dinner, we went for 2nd round for NUEVE! Again, I wanted to tell my brother Jeff for treated us the drinks especially this drink BLUE COLOUR! First time ever I play darts game. I did competition with Yuko (the cutest in the group aka my sister too). Too bad I won her 3 times. Sorry sister! XD and after that, we gathered around and play 2 games. The games are 007 piang and ahhh (you must play in mandarin). This game seriously makes me so happy and laugh a lot as I get wrongly a lot of times. The wrong person must drink the beer. After that, they said want to change other game is called SCISSORS WATER STONE (I guess you know what I meant). I didn't know whether I can play that good. MUAHAHAHA! After that, Jeff korkor fetched me back home. This date I never forget - 31/3/2015! 


This guy is my brother. I mean god brother but then we seems like real siblings. We knew each other for 9 years and I would like to say thank you so much for introducing me this job in HSBC but then too bad I gave up on it. I also want to say thank you so much for given me a chance to know more friends like them (below). I am very sorry korkor that I gave up on the job but then I still wish you good luck and all the best in your career and future. Anyway, his name is MC and he still single and available too. Anybody want? Thank you for your helps and kindness to me too. I am always appreciate and always remember what you had done for me. Remember our friendship date - 3/8/2015 this year and we shall celebrate about it :) 

This guy is my friend at the first place. We knew each other before I joining HSBC one. That time we still shy to talk each other. After that, I joined HSBC on 12th Feb 2015 and slowly we get to know each other. After that, I started to ask him that do you have Facebook? He said got and then we are same surname too. That time I asked him whether can I call him brother or not? He said can. I am so happy that I got another god brother too. From that time, my god brothers MC and this guy very important to me as they help me a lot, care about me, concern about me as their sister. Well, this guy named Jeff. He also still single and available too. Anybody want? I would like to tell him that thank you so much Jeff korkor for helping me a lot of times and concerned about me as your sister. I wish you good luck and all the best in your Forex, career and future :) 

This guy is the first day I come into HSBC and I met him. My ex-boss asked him to teach me and that time I was doing my e-learning. He came and say hie to me and that time I still very shy. After that, we exchange phone number and then we chit chat at Wechat. If I am not mistaken, he invited me for lunch on 3rd day of my work. That day we started to get along. I would like to tell him that thank you so much for helping me by fetching me. Thank you for introduced Huey Jing and Daniel to me. Even though I am no more working in HSBC, you guys always important to me. I am very sorry for my mistakes and I hope you guys forgive me. Anyway, this guy named Kin Joo. Too bad he is in a relationship and not available too. Also, I would like to wish good luck and all the best in your career and future, Kin Joo. Our TEAM JUNIOR will always here :) 

This guy is my friend from another team. We knew each other during body check up. We shall go into HSBC on same time but then something happened on me. So I didn't go into HSBC earlier. He is very funny when speaking English to me. Well, his name is Edmund. He is super top sales in his team I guess as he always got submissions. THUMBS UP FOR HIM! I miss you always "perli" your best buddy Constance for fun. HAHAHAHA! Thank you for introduced Constance to me. Not because of you, we don't know each other and won't get along so fast too. 

This guy is my friend from another team too. We get along because we work together during roadshows, To me, he is very good and honest guy. Well, his name is Peter. Of course Peter Pan right? LOL! Just joking only. Anyway, he is single and available too. Thank you so much that you always give me positive mindset and words but then too bad I couldn't absorb your positive words to me. By the way, I am still hope our friendship never ends. Oh ya, next time play darts competition with me okay? XD 

This guy is very blur among us. Also, he is most funniest among us. He always do stupid things like make people laugh non stop only. His name is Chia Yun aka Ah Heng. We did work together for few times only and we have a lot of fun at Nueve gathering time. He always lose in every games. HAHAHAHA! Pity you! You better train yourself DON'T BE SO BLUR okay? XD I would like to wish you good luck and all the best in your career and future okay? If you really love someone, go and tackle her okay? You know I know :) 

This guy is same team with me. We are into TEAM JUNIOR too. Actually, we should put our SUPER 4 JUNIORS. Nice name or not? Before I left HSBC, we work together twice only. Because of him, I found another friend of mine that I knew her when I was Form 1. Thank you. His name is Daniel and handsome right? He is also single and available I guess. Sorry for that day in LINE. You know I know :) 

This guy I knew him when I gather with my god brothers MC and Jeff at Coffea Coffee, Karpal Singh. He is friendly guy to me and we are ex HSBC now. He makes me laugh a lot when our outing time. Thank you so much for given laughter to me. 
Nice to meet you again, You Jin. 


This girl named Huey Jing and who same team as me. She is the 1st person that I work together at Gurney Plaza and I got my 1st customer at there too. Thank you my friend Aik Xiang. I am the one taught her where to eat the cheap meal at Gurney which is Chopper Board. She also knows what I eat at there too. ALWAYS SAME MEAL one. HAHAHAHA! She can be like my mother always scare that I am hungry one. I am very happy that my colleague so care about me. They afraid that I am hungry as I got gastric. Thank you Huey Jing for so cared about me. I am appreciate it. She always remind me that don't so nervous when approaching customers. Well done Huey Jing. Lastly, I want to wish you good luck and all the best in your career and future too. I hope our friendship never ends. REMEMBER ME ALWAYS okay? XD

Is this girl is cute? This girl named Pei Yin aka Yuko. She is the 2nd person I worked together at Tesco, Egate. She also introduced another colleague named Joseph. He also ex HSBC now. Thank you to you both for taught me many things at there. I seriously have fun on that day as we together work until late night and then eat lunch and dinner together too. I hope our friendship will never ends too. Must always remember me okay? You're my sister too. I am glad that you want to take pictures with me. Thank you for the lovely photos. I would like to wish good luck and all the best in your career and future, Yuko sis. By the way, she is single and available too XD 

This girl named Ming Hooi. She always best buddy with another colleague named Charles. Too bad our photo is blur and I need to take more photos with you, CHARLES!! Both of them worked together with me at Tesco, Egate and they are the one introduced me a game named FUN RUN. Well friends, you should go and download and play with your best buddies! After downloading and playing with my brothers and sisters, I started to laugh a lot! I feel the happiness when we were playing around. Thank you to Ming Hooi and Charles. Also, I want to say thank you for invited me for movie - AH BOYS TO MEN 3 : FROGMEN on that day. We laughed together in the cinema. 

Spot the pretty girl? She is Alyson. We knew each other during on that day I made mistake. Sorry for the mistake, Alyson as I am so nervous when my ex-boss asked me. I guess we get along during gathering at The Safe Room and the place we were eating our steamboat. Even though we knew each other no long but then I still hope we can keep in touch always. Don't be sad when your love one not beside you alright? You still have Yuko as your best friend and sister right? You also have me too.  

This girl named Victoria. Her name really reminds me when I bought something at Victoria's Secret. I get to know her when my ex boss asked me to go KL for training. She asked me to join this girl and other to go KL together. I asked Mr Chan to give me her handphone number and then I whatsapp-ed her that saying hie and introduce myself to her as we gonna be in same room. I am kinda shy type if I don't introduce myself earlier. After that, we get along when we were in the car on the way go KL. Didn't know we can get along so fast for 3 days 2 nights in KL. We seriously have fun at there even though we went down for training. Especially we walked from our hotel Swiss Inn to Sungei Wang to Lot 10 to Pavilion at last. We had our delicious foods and yummy desserts in KL too. I spent total are RM 150 and it is worth of it. Thank you for your positive words to me and listened to my whole stories as well. But too bad I give up on this job too. I am very sorry, sis. But I want to wish good luck and all the best in your career and future too. I hope our friendship never ends and keep in touch always okay? 

This girl named Katz and I get to know her when I saw her in the office. I introduced myself again and she taught me many things in the work. We have fun at our team gathering dinner and our all teams gathering dinner too. Thank you for becoming a "mother" to me and Huey Jing. LOL! I seriously cannot believe that you're married and yet got kid too. Anyway, I would like to wish good luck and all the best in your career and future, Katz :) I hope our friendship never ends and keep in touch always okay? :) 

This girl named Nicky. We know each other when I asked for her help to do an exam for me. It is AML but then I didn't pass also. It's okay already, Nicky. We also get along each other when Ming Hooi invited me for movie. Hehe. Let's we gather around again.. This time - SING K okay? We invite everyone included guys too! OKAY? :) 

This girl named Constance. She is so friendly to me. We knew each other because of Edmund. Thank you Edmund for introduce me your best buddy during work time. We get along whenever we meet in the office for submissions. Every time we have 2 submissions only. LOL! We also get along easily when we have lunch and dinner together during work too. She always joke around with Jeanna and both of them love to make me laugh so much. Not forgotten our Dutch Lady event together. Remember to keep the picture always okay? Promise okay? Anyway, you're not only my ex-colleague and you're also my best friend and sister too. Keep in touch always! I LOVE YOU CONSTANCE SISTER! Good luck and all the best in your career! :) 

This girl named Jeanna. We are same capital letter is "J". We get to know along when I was working in the banking hall and Yuko is the one who introduced her to me. After that, we get to work together during QB roadshows. We had our lunch and dinner together every time when we work together. Of course together with Constance. We laughed a lot and happy together too. HAHAHAHA! Thank you so much to you Jeanna to be part of my life and you're not only my ex-colleague. You're also my best friend and sister too. I didn't know you can become childish during work time. I mean Dutch Lady event. It was super fun and happy memories to me. Remember to keep our picture together? Let's we set a date for our friendship okay? You guys choose the date and let me know okay? :) 

Spot the pretty girl? She is Mandy. She is also same surname as me too. We work together for twice at QB roadshows only. She is so so pretty actually. We get along together by having lunch and dinner too. Nice to meet you again, Mandy. I hope our friendship never ends and always keep in touch okay? 

Lastly, I would like to say that I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH AS MY BROTHER AND SISTER! I am glad to meet all of you and all of you have given me so much happiness and laughter to me too. Honestly, I doesn't have a bunch of friends especially Chinese friends in my life. I feel that my one of my dream already come true is to have you guys in my life. I hope our friendship never ends even though I am no more working in HSBC. You guys still can invite me out anytime but then don't too last minutes one. When when is our next gathering, brothers and sisters? :) 

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