Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Dear babes and dudes, have you heard of Naughty Nuri's? It is very famous restaurant at Burma Road, Penang. For those who stay in Penang, you should go and try this restaurant as it is famous of PORK RIPS!! It is super super delicious!! 

Once again, I would like to say thank you to my ex-colleague + brother Hor Kit for treat such a great dinner for me. This dinner we ate together with our best buddies Jeanna and Viktor. He also brought his girlfriend and friend too. Thank you for gave me so much of happiness and laughter. 

The Pork Rips - RM 40.90 

I am very sorry that those food prices I don't know as I let my brother Hor Kit to order as he is the one wants to treat. I just remember the pork ribs price as it is SIGNATURE for the restaurant. It is non-oily at all. To me, I couldn't eat oily foods as I got serious sickness in my body. Once again, I would like to say thank you to my ex colleague + brother Hor Kit for the dinner. Thank you to my ex-colleague + sister Jeanna for the ride to this venue. Your driving skill seriously very "hiong". LOL! Thank you to my ex-colleague + brother Viktor for fetching me back home. Your driving skill much more better than Jeanna sis. Hahahaha!! Joking joking :) 

For more information 

Address : 114, Burma Road, 
Georgetown, Penang
Contact : 04 - 226 3171

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