Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Dear babes and dudes, how was your Tuesday? Well, I am already no more working and yet now I wanted to find home based job due to my health problem actually. I dunno who and which company can hire me because I am seriously got a serious disease that cannot cure anymore and yet no medication at all too. I just hope my everything goes well but then I can't get what I want to be. Actually, I would like to say thank you to my old friend + best friend Sherene for invited me out.

Today, I woke up at 11am as I couldn't sleep at night due to my health problem as well. I can tell you that I almost every night I can't sleep due to I got headache and yet dream of those bad things too. It has been 2 months plus already. Sigh! After that, I took some biscuits while watching television. After that, Sherene whatsapp-ed me and asked me where am I? Want to go swimming? I said I am at home. She asked again want to go swimming or not? I said okay but then gotta come and fetch me. She said her friend will come and fetch. I was so shy as I always gotta "ma huan" people to fetch me. She said it's okay as her friend staying at Sungai Dua. So, they came and fetch me at 2.40pm. We headed to Quayside Condo for swimming!! Finally, I got to swim at beautiful swimming pool of expensive condominium. LOL!! *sampat of me*. 

We reached there and then changed into our swimming suit and went into the swimming pool. We also play the slides too for few times. LOL! It was super fun. After that, we went to the changing room and took our bath at there. I took my bath and selfie outside while waiting for them to get ready. Then, we went up to take our things and we went to Coffee Smith for dinner. I am super duper hungry as I woke up and ate biscuits only. After that, they invited their friend to come over too. By the way, nice to meet you guys Thomas and Yshyan. 

After that, we went to Beach Street and then we had fun by playing darts too. I missed the memories and moments playing darts and games at Nueve with my ex colleagues which are my brothers and sisters. After that, we went back home already. Thank you Thomas for fetched me go and back. 

How I wish I can stay at this condominium with beautiful swimming pool and scenery that can relax my mind everyday but too bad this condominium was so so expensive!! :( 

Grilled Chicken Sandwiches - RM 12 
Ordered by the blogger 

Spaghetti (dunno what name) - Price unknown 
Sorry because I didn't see the receipt LOL 
Ordered by Sherene and Thomas 

Marshmallows Coco - RM 12 
Ordered by the blogger 

Rose latte - RM 12 
Ordered by Yshyan 

Had great day and night with them! Thank you babe Sherene for introduced your friends to me. Nice to meet you guys! :) Hope we can go out again next time ^^ 

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