Tuesday, October 27, 2015


How many of you used to do house chores? How many times you do house chores such as sweep the floor, mop the floor, wash house toilets, wipe doors and windows? I started to do house chores when I was 18 years old. Let's me tell you some of my bad attitude before I am doing house chores. I need to have my mood to do house chores. Last time I hate sweeping and mopping the floor! I seriously don't know why and what happened with my hormone. 

After my beloved mum fall sick and passed away, I started to do house chores such as sweep the floor, mop the floor, wash house toilets, wipe doors and windows as well. My house used to buy Dettol, Kleen, Mr Muscle and others. One day, my house floor cleaner finished and luckily, Wellness Concept sponsored me a bottle of multi-purpose liquid and I used it for my house floor. I can say that it is very good smell and also organic multi-purpose liquid too. I love it so much but then when I checked the price, it costs RM 35 for 500ml . I feel it is quite expensive. It is medium bottle only. I will consider to buy it as it says multi-purpose liquid. 


a) Specially formulated with organic plant-based and biodegradable ingredients are lime extract, deep-sea ions and palm kernel extract. 
b) Effectively removes dirt, tough grime, moss and oil 
c) Superb for heavily-soiled clothes and bulky fabrics like bed sheets, blankets, curtains and cushion covers. 
d) Cleans and brightens floor and walls 
e) Contains NO AMMONIA 
f) Safe to be used on both humans and pets 

Humans and Pets 

Me with my EcoClean Multi-Purpose Liquid 


My house pale and EcoClean Multi-Purpose Liquid 

I pour quite a lot as I am gonna mop whole house and I used to mop clean water twice at the living room, twice at my work room, twice at my room, twice at the kitchen. And then this amount of EcoClean Multi-Purpose Liquid for twice for every places :) 

TA-DAH!! Bubbles :) 

The smell of this detergent is very good organic greenery. After mop the whole house, it dries and then I can feel it is very clean and fresh. It is recommended but based on your budget and how much you can use it for how many months. 

For more information 

Price : RM 35

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