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Thursday, October 29, 2015


Recently, I just cut my hair and I was so upset about it. I seriously don't understand why most of the hairstylists that I chose don't know how to cut the perfect hairstyle I want. I seriously want to say thank you so much to Irresistible Me Hair Extensions for sponsored the hair extensions for me. Also, I am a girl who always wants a super long hair but then sometimes I decide to cut short and even want long hair back. I really don't know why but I just know GIRLS very troublesome right? Hahahaha. 

Irresistible Me, a growing brand of 100% natural Remy clip-in hair extensions, hair accessories and hair tools. It is specializes in high quality extensions at great prices. It is based in the Fashion District in New York.


This is the video that I captured 
with my iPhone and edited on Meipai :) 


I love the packaging box because it is black and white in color.
 It is comes with good packaging box. 
Thank you Irresistible Me for the opportunity :) 

Selfie before opening  

The box of the girl is so beautiful and yet long hair :) 
I missed my natural long hair so much!
I am not gonna cut my hair anymore!!

It is comes with sealed packaging. It comes with 2 parts. 
Please see below for more photos :) 

Isn't the box looks nice? 
Take a photo of yourself and hashtag #irresistiblegram

As I say, it comes with 2 parts. Are they giving good services? :) 

You only can open the sealed plastic bag on the left to touch the hair, know the hair color and make sure is it the one you want, if yes, u only open the big sealed plastic bag :) 

Please read for more details :) 

I did opened left sealed plastic bag and I have touched the hair. 
It is very satisfied me. 
And I get ready to open the big sealed plastic bag. 

The 100g package comes with 9 pcs of the extensions
a) 1 pcs of 4 clips 
b) 1 pcs of 3 clips 
c) 5 pcs of 2 clips 
d) 2 pcs of 1 clip 



I chose natural black color because my hair is natural black color. I never never dye and highlight my hair before one. I just love my natural hair color. I chose the length is 16' only! 

There are 6 lengths of the hair extensions you want

This is my first time wearing hair extensions. It really takes times and practices to get the perfect and natural look. I am very sorry that I can't show you the picture of myself wearing the hair extension due to I am still sick. I want all my pictures look beautiful one. I can give feedback on it that the extension is made by real hair. We just remember to take good care of it while keeping it and brushing it just like how you take good care of your own hair. 

For more information 

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