Wednesday, May 25, 2016


This is the 2nd sponsored product that I received from Mr Xavier & the team. I never thought that there is eye sleeping mask available. This product is new to me & I am very happy because I can let my hubby to try it already. For me, I usually use sleeping mask but this product is for eye areas only. 

This product is Dark Circle Reducing Eye Care Sleeping Mask. It can reduce dark eye circle and fine lines. To reduce dark eye circle, it stimulates the blood circulation and neutralizes toxics of skin around eye areas thus solving the dark eye circle problem. To reduce fine lines, it provides intensive care and moisture for the skin. Dry and fine lines can be reduced. 

The size of the packaging is 30ml
This product are white & pink in color 

First of all, I didn't try the dark circle reducing eye care sleeping mask because I doesn't have eyebags and dark circles as well. That's why I can't show you BEFORE and AFTER picture of my own eyes. These are my baby hubby's eyes. Well, I can see that there is no difference about his eyes. 



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Price : RM 63.50 
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