Thursday, May 26, 2016


The 1st product that I got from Althea Korea is B&Soap Scadi White Wash Off Mask. I would like to say thank you so much to Althea Korea for the RM 50 credits. Scadi White Wash Off Mask is real whitening pack. Your face skin will feel fresh and wonderful as mentioned. 

There is a sticker on the packaging. 
You need to use penknife and cut on the middle part.

That's how you open it! 
On the side, it wrote 
Suggested Usage : 
Apply to cleansed & dry skin, use spatula or hand, 
avoiding the eye and lip area
Leave on for 5 - 10 mins and rinse with tepid water 
Can be used twice or 3 times a week 

The spatula is very small. 
I suggest you buy face brush at any shops and apply it 

B&SOAP Scadi White Wash Off Mask is functional skin-brightening wash off pack. It makes your skin brighter and cleaner with rice fermentation. Mulberry root extract and Niacinamide as a main ingredient, It helps your skin to get enough moist by containing Vitamin B and Vitamin E. Also, Kaolin removes the skin dirt and oil from your pore so it is good for daily scrub.

I tried on my hand and I did took before and after picture as well. 
As you can see that this product seriously
 can brighten your skin one. I really love this product so much! 

Non edit picture!! I can see that my face skin become fair like Snow White 
After applying the mask on my face, I feel cooling and tightening on my face. I can say it is good mask ever! 

For more information 
Price : RM 48 
Click to purchase (HERE

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