Saturday, May 28, 2016


Sigh! I am so so angry of my arms as my arms look so fat. Many people comment that I already look so fat. I think because of my arms. It has been few months I didn't do workout and playing badminton. It is because I don't have sport shoes anymore. My sport shoes already spoiled and I threw it away already. Here's my 3rd item that I bought is KOCOSTAR Upper Arm Fitness Pack from Althea Korea.

I bought 2 packets of KOCOSTAR Upper Arm Fitness Pack.
 Let's we check it out :) 

Here's the packet. Inside of it has 2 sheets for
 your left and right arm 

Just take out the sheet and put onto your left and right arm

At Althea Korea website, it says you need to let it be for 7 hours. Well, I didn't feel anything about the sheets after letting it be for 7 hours. I got no much comment about it. But if you want to try it, you can purchase a packet first before purchasing more than that. 

For more information 

Price : RM 18 / per packet 
Price : Buy 5 Free 1 + RM 72 
Click to purchase ----- > HERE

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