Thursday, February 1, 2018


This topic was my random thought come out from my mind. Everything I write here are all about me. MissJasJas is the name. I created since I was studying Form 3 in secondary school time. That time my class teacher asked us to create an unique name for yourself to print your name on the T-shirt with all my classmate. After thinking for a week, I decided to put my name "MissJasJas". So, that's how my unique name comes from my mind. 

I decided to take my two of the my selfies and combined them. Last year, my hair is long and it is gone on 31/1/2018 because of a unprofessional hair stylist. I still want to mention the name of the hair salon Taitan Hair Salon because I am still very angry and disappointed with his attitude as he doesn't apologise yet can blame on me and other hairstylists who have touch my hair before. Some of you asked me to stop my fuss and I know making fuss cannot change anything but I still want to make my fuss towards it because to me, my hair is very important and I want my hair length is at the chest part. Yet, I cannot get it what I want. My hair is part of my life! If you don't understand my feeling, you may click [X] and unfriend me in Facebook. Thank you very much. 

2008 selfie - I was 16 years old (using my Nokia phone - back camera) 
2009 selfie - I was 17 years old (using my Nokia phone - back camera) 
2010 selfie - I was 18 years old (using my Nokia phone - back camera) 
2011 selfie - I was 19 years old (using my Nokia phone - back camera) 

2012 selfie - I was 20 years old (using my Nokia phone - back camera) 
2013 selfie - I was 21 years old (using my Nokia phone - back camera) 
2014 selfie - I was 22 years old (using my iPhone 5c) 
2015 selfie - I was 23 years old (using my iPhone5c) 

2016 selfie - I was 24 years old (using my iPhone 5c) 
2017 selfie - I was 25 years old (using my iPhone 5c) 

You can see my difference of every selfie I took. When I was 16 years old until 23 years old, I always wanted a haircut called bob style. Between these years, I changed 10 hair stylist. All of them are from different hair salon. I really disappointed what hair stylist call themselves are professional hair stylist. To me, what customer wants, you must fulfil their wants unless they (customers) told you that anything you feel their hair is suitable for their face or not BUT it is better that you asked the customers' permission before you touch their hair. I was told by a hair stylist when I went for my very 1st time scalp treatment that my hair cannot become bob style. I forgotten what is the reason but at least he told me that my hair cannot become bob style. Then, when I was 24 years old, I dye my hair for the 1st time. Overall, I done cut, rebonding + treatment (4 times), scalp treatment (only one time), dye hair (2 times) and touch up hair color (2 times). How wish I no need to dye my hair because I love my hair very much but I couldn't stand looking my hair which comes out grey color hair. It is because I follow my mummy but I don't blame her, so I have dye my hair if I want beautiful of myself So, I want to be beautiful no matter how old am I. Also, after cutting my hair by the unprofessional hair stylist, I write several notes on my beauty wardrobe and room and tell myself that NO MORE CUT HAIR. NO MORE CUT HAIR. NO MORE CUT HAIR!! My short hair selfie become so beautiful because I spent RM 416 for rebonding + treatment in Hair City Specialist Elite at Raja Uda which is nearby my house. I would like to recommend this hair salon because their services was very good. I did my own comparison from my 2nd and 3rd time doing rebonding + treatment and this is my 4th done rebonding + treatment in Hair City Specialist Elite (Raja Uda). It was perfectly great because they use their passion on customers' wants. My hair was very dry, I remembered that they use 4 times of treatment. It was before rebonding and after rebonding. I sat at 12pm until 4pm for seriously with my best friend Stephanie. Also, I bought the most expensive hair mask for my lovely hair from them too. Thank you very much Hair City Specialist Elite team! Keep it up your passion! 

Besides that, I started to take care of my face and body after I met up with a pretty friend named Katherine Tan who teach me how to take care of my face by applying correct method of skincare products when I was 22 years old. I mean seriously! I started to use skincare products and makeup products on my face at this age of 22! I would like to say thank you very much to my pretty friend Katherine for making me become so beautiful. At this age of 22, I also started my own blog from by writing foods as my first topic and I didn't expect that I will become blogger. At the first place, I like to write, taking pictures and cafes hunting in Penang island with my boyfriend (he is my husband now). After that, I started get to know more friends through The Butterfly Project Malaysia community and the founder named Tammy Lim. To me, she is great person, friend, sister and Mamasan of The Butterfly Project Malaysia. I am very thankful to her and the community because I found my own confidence towards beauty. So, that's why I am taking care of my top to bottom (hair, face, body, foot). After I found my own confidence, I want perfection! So, that's why I said my hair is very important! No matter what, I want perfection from top to bottom! This is MissJasJas who is me and myself! :) 

Before I found my own confidence, I was haunt by a name "Nemo Fish" that called by a group of people when I was studying in secondary school time. I don't call them as my friends and until now, I never forget what they have done to me. I was named that "Nemo Fish" because my eyeballs sometimes become unbalance. I have check-up with eye specialist and it is like this because my eyes power was very high. Anyway, I become more happier because after I visited pets shop which selling so many animals and I found there are Nemo Fish too. I was wanted to buy it that time I was 17 years old but the price was freaking expensive! That's why I am so happy. Hahahaha. 

Now, I found my own confidence. So, I want perfection from top to bottom! This is me. This is about myself. MissJasJas is the name of mine. 

My latest selfie of myself - 2018! :) 
Waiting for my hair to grow like rapunzel again :( 

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