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DIY Unicorn Hairband : La Petite Princess - Tutu 
White Top : unbranded 
DIY Pastel Colors Tutu Skirt : La Petite Princess - Tutu
Silver High Heels : Opera (it was brought for 4 years ago) 
Gold Sling Bag : Vincci (purposely buy for match my outfit) 
Photographer : Sienny Yong by using my Iphone 5c

Good day my beloved readers! Have you ever join Unicorn theme parties before? If yes, please share with me your happy moments and I would love to read about it. Here's my happiest memory in April which it is falls on April Fool 2018 - 1/4/2018. I was chosen one of the 50 bloggers to attend this wonderful birthday party - The Butterfly Project Malaysia 5th birthday party. I have joined this blogging community since 2014 until now. In these 4 years, I have changed a lot which I have become super crazy beauty junkies (hair products, skincare products, makeup products, body care products, foot care products). I really proud of myself that I have changed a lot and I found my own self-confidence on myself and meet a lot of friends in KL and some of you have become my good friends too. I would love to say thank you very much Mamasan Tammy for your passion and hardwork on build this community up and organized the 5th birthday party. I would love to attend every year because I never had happy birthday party after my 21st birthday until I joined this community. I love you Mamasan Tammy and all of you too. 

Before the birthday party date, I was very excited because I keep refreshed my email everyday and I keep wishing that I can get chosen by Mamasan Tammy to attend the birthday party. I started to look for tutu skirt because I wanted to wear it to the party. Then, I found a FB page (I forgotten what name already) and this FB page introduced her client's FB page which is La Petite Princess - Tutu. I made great relationship with this FB page founder and that time I decided to buy the pastel colors tutu skirt from her. After that, she decided to sponsor the pastel colors tutu skirt together with the unicorn hair band for me. I was like omg!! seriously?? Then, she answered yes. I was very happy until cannot sleep. Hahaha. Finally, Mamasan Tammy emailed me and I was chosen!! Then, I faster replied the founder that I was chosen by her. I don't know why she can DIY the tutu skirt and unicorn hair band so so fast because she told me that she has done! It is time to send it to me already. I was so so shy with her but at the same time, I feel so thankful to her as we have become good friends though. Thank you very much pretty mummy - Angeline Teoh. Anyway, if you're looking for theme dresses for your kids and theme tutu skirts for yourself, you may look for Angeline Teoh for more information. 

Once I reached the venue, UnicornLia asked me to register myself and get this cutie Unicorn Activity Card from UnicornMira. Isn't so cute?? After the time starts, everyone queue up to get their cutie Unicorn paper bag and everyone get several shots from UnicornEros The Photographer. Then, everyone sat down on the chairs before the party begins. Well, this cutie Unicorn activity card that each of us got are we can get to redeem Everydayflowers bouquet, adopt an unicorn from 50Gram, air-inflate coloring unicorn from Brrrloon and unlimited portraits prints and Boomerang video from GNGStudiobooth

It is short video that UnicornLeonard and UnicornTammy pop the balloons and all of us say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 

The party begins with these 4 activities which UnicornSienny, UnicornLia and I chosen our 1st activity is to pick our 2 stalks of flowers. So, I picked pink and purple because I am into the colors very much. 
Come and check it out more bouquets of flowers :) 

The Flower Bar (Everyday Flowers) 

This is how they wrapped their flowers into mini bouquet :) 

This is my 2 stalks of pink and purple mini bouquet :) 
Thank you very much Everyday Flowers Team for this pretty flowers! 

Took picture for last time for my pretty flowers before it dies. 
How wish it will lasts but memories will always stay :) 

I was wondering what is "adopt an unicorn?" Anyway, it is special surprise from 50gram and I was so excited to open it too. I named my unicorn Snowy Baby. How about you? Hehe. 

This adoption certificate was very pretty!! My unicorn name is Snowy Baby is adopted by MissJasJas Yours Truly and I promise to love and take care of my new unicorn. 

My air inflate Unicorn balloon so cute! I am quite regret to color it. 

OMG!! I still can't believe that I wore pastel colors tutu skirt in my life! 
Always tell myself that I love myself very much! 
#MISSJASJASOOTD of the day at The Butterfly Project 5th birthday party
I am #GIRLBOSS at the party XD 
From left : UnicornSienny, UnicornLia, UnicornMissJasJas (Yours Truly)
From left : UnicornLia, UnicornSyuhada, UnicornMissJasJas (Yours Truly)

The Little Corner of the Birthday Party 

The Unicorn Cake so cute! This year, we didn't get to cut the cake, so just took pictures because we were so excited with the 4 activities especially taking unlimited prints from GNGStudiobooth. The pink and purple cupcakes so delicious but quite sweet. Never mind. Once in a while I eat sugary desserts. 

UnicornMissJasJas Yours Truly with the pretty unicorn cake 

I am proud to be into one of the bloggers in 
The Butterfly Project Malaysia

UnicornMissJasJas and UnicornTammy
Thank you very much Mamasan Tammy for everything! 

 UnicornIvyGan and UnicornMissJasJas 

UnicornMissJasJas and UnicornBettyLiew

UnicornMissJasJas & UnicornCindyrina

UnicornMissJasJas and UnicornSyafieraYamin

UnicornMissJasJas and UnicornErosSi

UnicornMissJasJas and Tehmina Kaoosji 

UnicornMissJasJas and UnicornAzwarSyuhada

UnicornMissJasJas and UnicornAnis 

UnicornMissJasJas and UnicornMiraCikcit

UnicornMissJasJas and UnicornBellaLeong

UnicornMissJasJas and Rane Chin 

UnicornMissJasJas and UnicornLeeYann

UnicornAiin, UnicornMissJasJas and UnicornLeeYann

UnicornLiYaNa and UnicornMissJasJas 

UnicornMissJasJas and UnicornAlizaSara

UnicornBeeLee and UnicornMissJasJas

UnicornSharonLee and UnicornMissJasJas

UnicornMiriamHuiKung and UnicornMissJasJas

 UnicornMissJasJas, UnicornLia
UnicornNicoleYie and UnicornMissJasJas

The most beautiful photo of myself :) 

Group Photo with all the beautiful unicorn friends

Group Photo with all my unicorn friends

Thank you very much to the sponsors : 
1. #butterflymsia for organized this wonderful birthday party and Wanderlustthings unicorn eye brush and unicorn paper bag from Mamasan Tammy 
2. #everydayflowersmy for mini bouquet of flowers 
3. #gngstudiobooth for unlimited prints which I have 2 prints of myself and 2 prints of myself with my friends and Boomerang videos too 
4. #brrrloon for unicorn coloring air inflate balloon 
5. #belifmy for skincare products travel size 
6. #nyxcosmeticsmy for makeup products for eyes and lips 
7. #dollywink for fake eyelashes 
8. #50gram for unicorn mug and coupon code for my purchase
9. #wanderlustthings for unicorn necklace for me
10. #trollbeadsMY for nothing. (I didn't manage to be TOP 3 BEST DRESSED) 
11. #dearbeautejapan for Himawari Hair Care Samples 

Even though I didn't manage to make into Top 3 Best Dressed but 
I am still very happy because my dear friend Angeline Teoh made the super beautiful tutu skirt and unicorn hairband for me to wear to the party. I still can't believe that I wear so pastel colors into #MISSJASJASOOTD

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