Monday, April 9, 2018


The story of TIC Travel Bottles, starts with a guy called Ben. Ben and his wife love to travel but every time they would head away for a short escape, to visit relatives or plan a staycation, Ben would watch his wife buy dozens of small plastic travel bottles, fill them up with skin and shower products, painstakingly label them with stickers and then place them into clear plastic bags – just in case they leak or break in transit – which they often did. He could see that these bags were taking up a lot of space – and time. “So, Ben got to thinking. He even asked around some of his friends, did they do this too? Did they find it a frustrating, troublesome process as well? Turns out, they did.”

Ben knew there had to be a simpler way and after he couldn’t find anything else out there in the market – he set out to create it himself. Hailing from a background in product manufacturing, Ben spent the better part of a year researching travel accessories, conducting market research, chatting to consumers, and brainstorming, drawing and prototyping to create what would eventually become, TIC Travel Bottles. So why are we here? Well, Ben wants everyone to enjoy the fun and freedom of using TIC Travel Bottles but he needs your help to make it happen. The stories I copied from Storming Gravity

I would love to share these products that I bought from Sasa Queensbay Mall. I decided to buy it when I saw it from a website named Storming Gravity. It is same price which I saw from Sasa. I decided to buy from Sasa so that I can touch the items rather than I buy from online anyway. 

I would love to introduce Tic Travel Bottles. Each of the bottle contains removable internal containers which is an user-friendly travel dispenser. It is also lightweight and compact. TIC Travel Bottles can easily fit into a suitcase, backpack, toiletry or gym bag, so you can bring your favorite skin and shower products with you, wherever you go. Isn't awesome products? 

Inside of the packaging, there are 
1. SHOWER container (you can fill shampoo, conditioner and body gel)
2. SKIN container (you can fill up your skincare products) 
3. Free cleansing tool and refill equipments 

Close up of the containers
There are 4 colors : Pearl White, Metallic Silver, Rose Gold, Classic Black
I chose Classic Black as it is my OOTD/OOTN style :) 

This is Shower Container 
There are 3 x smart sections (80 ml each) 
3 x labelled containers for : 
a) Shampoo
b) Conditioner 
c) Body Wash 

 This is Skin Container 
There are 10 x smart sections : 
6 x containers (30 ml each) 
4 x decks (15 ml each)
6 x labelled containers for : 
a) Makeup Remover 
b) Eye Makeup Remover 
c) Toner 
d) Serum 
e) Cleanser 
f) S-1, S-2, S-3 (3 x spare lids) 
4 x labelled decks for : 
a) Day Cream
b) Eye Cream
c) Night Cream 
d) S-1 (1 x spare deck) 

I did video for my Skin and Shower Containers :) 
Please watch it if you want to know more about it!
Thank you very much. 

I am giving TIC Travel Bottles 5/5 because 
1. I love their outlook packaging because it is lightweight and compact containers. I mean it seriously! 
2. The story of TIC Travel Bottles between Ben and his wife was right! I am the one keep going to Watsons or Guardian or Daiso to buy small plastic travel bottles and label them with stickers and then place them into clear plastic bags but whenever I reach the destination, some of it leaked out until I don't get to use it, so I need to waste money to buy my cleanser or anything that leaked out from shopping mall. This is my experience whenever I travel around Malaysia. I was thinking that how if I travel to overseas? I did travel to overseas and it did leaked out too. I was omg!! I feel very speechless, that's why I decided to buy them. I am going to my next destination in overseas this coming June 2018. Let's me show you my experience after using my TIC Travel bottles in June 2018. 
3. It is user-friendly dispenser design. You just press for what you need as they are clearly labelled so you can organize your products. 
4. You can see when your products running low, you can top up into it. 
5. I am superb recommend you these products because I feel it is worth of your penny even though it is RM 288. 

For more information
Price : RM 169 for The Shower Bottle 
Price : RM 179 for The Skin Bottle 
Price : RM 288 for The Shower and Skin Set
You can purchase The Shower and Skin Set @ Sasa stores only! 
If not, you can purchase at 


  1. waaa. first time tgk bottle yg sesimple ini. bawak dua botol je untuk semua kelengkapan. good one !

    1. yup yup dear :) you boleh tengok kat Sasa outlet :)