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Picture taken by Eros 

Dear my lovely readers! Do you love to enjoy Hi-Tea with your girlfriends? If yes, check the Hi-Tea package at DoubleTree Resort By Hilton Penang. Yesterday, I had lovely Hi-Tea with my BFF Ika and all of the butterflies. First of all, I would like to say thank you very much for preparing those cutie stuffs, Hi-Tea desserts with luxury tea that we can choose from and came all the way from KL to PG to all of you, Butterfly Tammy, Butterfly Eros, Butterfly Sydney, Butterfly Syahira and Butterfly Boko. Nice to see you guys in Penang. Also, nice to meet you, Butterfly Syahira and Butterfly Boko. 

Ika and I arrived early and we managed to take pictures of the venue. We was like OMG!! We saw these little cutie deco for our BB Cushion and the preparation was so good and nice to us. Anyway, at 3pm, everyone was here and the event begun with Butterfly Tammy, Miss Jessica and Butterfly Sydney gave some speech. Then, we started our activity which we get to choose 10 cutie items, the white glue, a petal velvet powder and the pastry straw. 

Butterfly Tammy, Miss Jessica and Butterfly Sydney

Thank you very much for prepared these for us!! 

OMG!! So so many cutie stuffs for us to deco our BB Cushion and
 Petal Velvet Powder cover 

Which one you love? I love Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, Chocolates and etc

Luxury Tea Bags for us to choose from :) 

TA-DAH!! These are the items I chose before starting :) 

Each of us took out our cutie items and put into the plate first 

These are the cutie items I chose!! All of them are so cute!!

Thank you Eros for this picture! 

Finally, I am done with my own deco on my Petal Velvet Powder
Thank god that I can bring back my own deco because I forgotten
to bring my own BB Cushion **forgetful of me**

My BFF Ika and Yours Truly (MissJasJas)
Thank you Eros for this picture! 

After everyone was done with our own deco, it is time for enjoy the desserts with my BFF Ika, my new friend Nireji and my friend that I met CyndyThese are the Hi-Tea package that they prepared for us. All are so so delicious!! Also, the luxury tea flavor that I chose is Moroccan Mint Green Tea. It is minty and you will feel cool after drinking it. There are many choices you can choose from :). 

I love Hi-Tea very much! Yummy!

These are Grill Smoke Tea Chicken Breast in Green Tea Sandwich Bread, Tea Flavoured Chicken Quiche and Jasmine Scone
I love the Jasmine Scone very much if you mix it with their whipped cream

These are Green Tea Macaron & Earl Grey and White Chocolate Mousse
The macarons was very delicious and I super duper love it very much 

These are Royal Milk Tea Espuma in Shooter Glass and Ginger Lemongrass Tea Infusion Creme Brulee. The Espuma in Shooter Glass so yummy!! 

I chose Moroccan Mint Green Tea! It was so minty and cooling as well 

My BFF Ika and Yours Truly (MissJasJas)

Yours Truly (MissJasJas) and Nireji 

Kak Farah and Yours Truly (MissJasJas)

Kak Lia & Yours Truly (MissJasJas)

Olivia & Yours Truly (MissJasJas)

Wheee!! I love these pictures very much because I look so pretty!! Hehe 
Thank you very much Eros for these pictures!! Love you!! XD

Group Photos W/ All The Butterflies & Miss Jessica as well :) 

For more information 
DoubleTree Resort By Hilton PG
Hi-Tea Set : RM 68nett for 2 pax
Address : 56, Jalan Low Yat Batu Ferringhi, 11100, Penang, Malaysia. 
Contact : +604 892 8000

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