Monday, August 27, 2018


Top : Mira Meww @ Pavilion Level 6 
Bottom : unbranded 
Shoes : Ipamema 

Dear my lovely readers! Anyone love desserts very much? If yes, I would love to recommend this Shugatori Desserts to all of you. I would prefer that you come with your girlfriends or friends who love desserts very much. This cafe owned by two young entrepreneurs named Daniel and Marcus. Anyway, remember to check this cafe out if you really love desserts very much. 

Well, I had brought my primary school friend Ean Ean along who has recently keep in touch with me after so many incidents happened during our high school conflicts last time. It is fated that she saw me on my friend's Instagram and she sent messages to me. So, I decided to meet up with her at this cafe. 

Welcome To Shugatori Dessert Cafe!

The Menu 

Their signature toast is St. Mermaid which I tried and tasted :) 

There are many flavors of desserts you can choose from 
Also, there are many flavors of drinks you can choose from too 

Everything are in black, white and wood in colors for this cafe. If you love these colors, come and check this cafe out with your girlfriends or friends! I love this cafe very much because it gives me relax and feel cozy. Moreover, I love their cafe interior design as well. 

You need to order at the counter and pay by cash! 
They will serve your desserts and drinks to your table :) 

Remember to bring enough cash before you visiting this cafe ! 

Their little corner with beautiful plants and flower 

I wish that I can fly like these birds :) 

This is their signature drink named Shooting Star 
It is sweet and yet sour but perfect match! 

Selfie first before drinking :) 

This is their signature toast named St. Mermaid 

Look at the mermaid tail and it is so colorful! :) 

Saw the colorful star? Yummy!! 

There is a scoop of vanilla ice cream with creamy blueberry sauce

Close up of the colorful mermaid tail before eating 

It is a must for selfie before eating my beautiful toast 

This is the drink that Ean Ean ordered - Peach Virgin Mojito 

This is the dessert that Ean Ean ordered - Atlantis Waffle 

Close up of the picture before Ean Ean eating :) 

Ean Ean and JasJas 
Thank you for accompanied me before my birthday :) 

I am giving 5/5 for this Shugatori Dessert Cafe because 
1. The interior design was so beautiful and yet it makes me feel cozy 
2. The dessert and drink that I tried was so delicious and right now, I am writing the blog post for it and my saliva want to come out already haha 
3. My friend Ean Ean also say that their drink and dessert was yummy too 
4. Beside this, they do customized cakes, private functions and events, please email them for more details - 
5. I will come back again, Shugatori Dessert Cafe for other options :) 

For more information
Address : NO.95G, Ground Floor, 
Jalan SS21/1A, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Business Hours :
Monday - CLOSED 
Tues - Thurs : 2pm until 11.30pm 
Friday : 2pm until 12am 
Saturday : 12pm until 12am
Sunday : 12pm until 11.30pm  

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