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Wheee!! I have attend #lipaddictparty with all of my butterflies friends. It is held on 25th August 2018 which is my birthday!! I really very happy and excited on the day itself. Thank you very much Lip Addict x The Butterfly Project for the invitation. Also, thank you very much Lia for the picture above. 

#MISSJASJASOOTD on my birthday!! 
Dress : MGP Label . Shoes : Charles & Keith 
Sling Bag : B.Adore . Watch : Xiaomi 
Thank you Anis for helping me to take this photo

I arrived at the event before 3.30pm. I was so happy that Eros, Sydney and Leonard say happy birthday to me when I walked into the cafe. They asked me to go up and I saw Ivy, Betty and Jia Shin. So, I talked with them a while and selfie with them before everyone coming in. Everyone of us was so excited about the lipaddict product and tea party as well. Hahaha. 

Before the event started, everyone of us get to pose 3 times on this beautiful desserts table by standing behind the table. Thank you very much Eros for being the photographer of the day. 

This picture taken by Eros 

This is the only one best picture taken by Eros 
Love myself very much because I was wearing pinky on my birthday 
Never thought that I will wear pink and I purposely buy it from online

It is a must to take picture of the desserts on the table. Every of the desserts are in pink color which I was like omg!! for so many times. Also, the cupcakes and cakes was very cute with the lip deco stick on it. How I wish the lip deco stick become Happy Birthday MissJasJas! Hahaha. Anyway, if you want to organize parties or events, you may contact Joey for more information. 

LipAddict is not a 'lip gloss' but it is an anti-aging lip treatment that reduces the appearance of fine lines, hydrates, plumps and improves definition of the lip contour. This revolutionary anti-aging lip treatment provides 4 key benefits : 
1. Anti-Aging 
The powerful anti-aging peptides and marine collagen work to visibly reduce the appearance of lines on the lips and the surrounding lip area. 
2. Instant Plump 
Their proprietary formula is suspended in Hyaluronic Acid and it is naturally binds water to give your lips instant and natural volume. 
3. Instant Healing 
It is packed with Vitamin C and E, superior skin repairing ingredients that helps to sooth and heal dry cracked lips, keeping them healthy and soft in any weather. 
4. Instant Moisture 
It has natural, organic moisturizing oils lock in moisture, providing all-day hydration for dry and chapped lips. 

1. Peptides 
Specialized Amino Acids helps to improve skin condition and gives it a smoother appearance. It specifically stimulates growth of collagen which helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. 
2. Vitamin C
It has high concentration of Vitamin C packs full of antixiodants. It also prevents damaging effects of the environment. It provides nourishment and hydration for lips to stay healthy and supple. 
3. Organic Moisturizing Oils 
It contains potent ingredients such as jojoba seed oil, apricot kernel oil, castor oil, grape seed oil and avocado oil that heals inflamed skin, moisturise skin and fights signs of aging. 
4. Hyaluronic Acid 
It binds up to 100x its molecular weight in water to provide moisture and hydration from the inside out. 
5. Vitamin E 
A powerful antixiodant, it works to prevent free radicals from the body. This plays a large part in the aging process, by reducing wrinkles and keeping skin youthful. It ia also free from parabens, sulphates, hormones, artificial fragrances, gluten free, toxic ingredients of any kind. 
6. Marine Collagen 
This collagen is responsible for skin strength and elasticity. It is specially formulated to help moisturize and plump skin cells, while the microspheres fill in the wrinkles to reduce the appearance of lip creases and fine lines. 
7. Organic Plant Extracts 
It has vitamins and minerals found in aloe vera, algae and stevia plant extracts aid in healing. It contains moisturizing and soothing properties. 

This is Miss Jenny who explained from the first 
to the end about LipAddict topic :) 

What I have learnt are : 
After 4 weeks, you will notice 
1. More defined lip contour 
2. Increased hydration 
3. Improvement in lip color 
4. Reduction in appearance of fine lines
5. Deep healing of cracked and dry lips

After Miss Jenny explained to the end, here comes Miss Fibie who is MUA of the day. We started to play the 12 colors around and started to apply on our lips while Miss Fibie was talking in front of the stage. She taught us how to apply on our lips by Lip Addict colors and how to mix with 2 colors as well. Among all the colors, I love 205 color which is Sexy Seductress and 213 color which is Jewel (it is lip treatment for night time before you going to sleep)  

She is the MUA of the day to show day makeup and night makeup demo
 of Lip Addict products 

Also, here are her introduction : 
She has 8 years of experiences in makeup artistry and related field as a makeup expert, specialist and as a trainer. She has wide exposures on weddings, stage productions, fashion shows, print ads, commercial, shooting, beauty pageants, events, photoshoots and corporate events. She has strong forte in education & as a beauty trainer to educate people about the knowledge of beauty through her years of experiences. Her work was also appeared on various print ads, magazines, and also on online and offline platform. She conducts of makeup workshops and collaboration with established brands. 

I am really amazed with her passion on makeup :) 

Thank you So Addicted Malaysia and The Butterfly Project Malaysia for this awesome and wonderful birthday present for me 

There are 12 colors for you to choose and these are all testers 
We were so excited to test on our lips by using their testers, lip makeup remover and several brushes to apply on our lips (picture from Eros) 

They're available in 12 gorgeous shades : 
1. 201 Sweet Nothings
2. 202 Coralista 
3. 203 Mon Cherie 
4. 205 Sexy Seductress 
5. 206 Pink Princess 
6. 207 Innocence 
7. 208 Razzle Dazzle 
8. 209 Candy Swirl 
9. 210 Glamour 
10. 211 Air Kiss 
11. 212 Pink Sugar
12. 213 Jewel 

These are the 12 colors :) 

This is my BEFORE and AFTER 
That time I chose 205 and 208 to mix with, that's why can't really see the differences BUT I can feel that my lips soft and supple after applying 

After tried and tested on our lips, it is time to eat the foods, beverages and desserts!! Thank you very much for prepared for us. I am really appreciate it. Let you guys see what I took for "makan-makan". 

These are the foods and desserts that I took on the day :) 

After eating, it is time for me to mingle around. Thank you very much for our selfies and thank you very much for all the birthday wishes from you guys! Let we keep it up our blogging passion and hope to see you all again!! 

Eros and Me / Bokoaz and Me 

Me and Anis / Ivy and Me 

Me and Betty / Me and Jia Shin 

Me and Lia / Kak Aiin and Me 

Me and Venny / Me and Bee Lee

Zoelie and Me / Lee Yann and Me 

Me and Kak Syafiera / Sarah (new friend) and Me

Vivi and Me / Me & Yi Sin (new friends) 

Me and Aimi / Kak Iza and Me

Kak Anfaal and Me / Me and Elana

Miriam and Me / Me and Jashni

Yana and Me / Me and Nicole Yie

Sharon and Me 

Me and Miss Jenny / Me and Miss Samantha 

Miss Fibie and Me

Group Photo with All Butterflies Friends and New Friends 
Picture taken by Eros 

I love Lip Addict very much!! 

MissJasJas Yours Truly 
Thank you Kak Iza for helping me to take photo 

 For more information 

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