Friday, September 28, 2018


Hello my beloved readers! Looking for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Looking for nice coffee, tea and desserts? I would like to recommend this cafe Coffee 45 at Love Lane, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia. Actually, I was working around there and I have become their regular customer since the first day I met up with the owners Mr Darren and Miss Jane. They serve everything you want here!! 

Anyway, I decided to collaborate with them because their foods, beverages and desserts are so delicious. So, I would like to recommend to all of you in my blog. Come and check out Coffee 45 at Love Lane, Georgetown, Penang. I brought my husband and my BFF Ika along for the food review. You can scroll down for more pictures and information. 

These are their best sellers foods you can choose!! 

During night time, they has Happy Hour at their cafe. You can come and drink at their cafe with your friends and you can see a lot of tourists walking around at this street - Love Lane! Hahaha. Maybe more pretty ladies or handsome guys! 

This is their exterior design of cafe 

All of their tables and chairs are made by wood

 This is their interior design of cafe 

You can see that they serve a lot of desserts 
The rainbow cake is the most delicious :) 

If you want to take away of your order, you can look at here :) 

They serve different types of coffees! I mean it is super a lot of choices!

Which one you love? 
From left : Dark Chocolate Ice Blended, Salted Caramel Latte, Rose Latte

Their cups are camera lens anyway XD 

Their best American Breakfast Set! - RM 11
Chicken Ham, 2 Chicken Sausages, 2 Eggs & 2 pieces of Toast Bread

Their best Special 45 Fried Rice - Yang Zhou Fried Rice - RM 10

Their best lunch Nasi Lemak Chicken Rendang - RM 12 
Coconut Milk Rice or White Rice served with Crispy Anchovies and Peanuts, Egg, Cucumber, Chicken Rendang & Sambal Chili Paste

Black Pepper Chicken Chop - Ika's dinner :) - RM 17
Chicken Chop with Black Pepper Sauce, French Fries and Veggie Salad

Chicken Bolognese Spaghetti - Husband's dinner - RM 14
They serve 4 types of spaghetti which are 
1. Chicken or Beef Bolognese Spaghetti 
2. Chicken or Vegetarian Aglio Olio 

Thank you Cafe Coffee 45 for our collaboration! 

This is one of their best seller dessert - Teh Tarik Caramel Cake - RM 15
with free scoop of ice cream (Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry)

I am giving 4/5 for this Coffee 45 Cafe because 
1. This cafe gives me fresh and warm feeling whenever I come for lunch during my break time. 
2. I love their breakfast, lunch and dinner as for my 3 times of meal a day. 
3. I love their coffee, tea and fruity smoothies (all also yummy!!).
4. I love their desserts very much especially Rainbow Cake! 

Address : 45, Love Lane, Georgetown, Penang
Business Hours :
Monday - Sunday : 8am until 8pm

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