Wednesday, October 17, 2018


This picture taken from Eco Wellness Sanctuary Facebook

Good morning my beloved readers! What is lifestyle means to you? For me, lifestyle means I love to enjoy massage, spa, pedicure spa and others. I always love to do massage and spa and recently, I had found out another outlet which is Eco Wellness Sanctuary at Magazine Road, Georgetown, Penang. 

I knew this brand as I went to Eco Wellness Sanctuary in Klang before. I have tagged my husband and my BFF Ika along with me. Thank you very much for our collaboration, Eco Wellness Sanctuary Penang. 

Anyway, once you enter the shop, you can see their counter and beside of the counter, there is transparent wardrobe which they put their products. They have a lot of natural ingredients products from top to the bottom. You can ask their advice if you wanted to buy them and use it at home. 

The counter was very neat and simple 

On your left, there are sofa for you to sit down to take turn to wash your feet before you enter the rooms to do your massage. They will ask you which type of therapies that you would love to and once you chose, you gotta change your shoes to their own shoes. Once the massage therapist call you, she will starts washing your feet with water and soap before entering the room. 

These are the sofa you can sit while waiting for your turn to wash your feet

Which massage oil you love? Formula 5, Peppermint or Lavender? 
For me, I always prefer peppermint and lavender 

These are the place for you to sit down and one of the massage therapist will wash your feet with water and soap and even they brush your feet too 

Candid shot by my husband :) 

This is how the masseur wash my feet 

 These are the sofas and chairs for you to sit after your massage 

Anyway, they have many rooms which you can choose from : single rooms, couple rooms or VIP rooms. It is depends whether if you're alone, you can enjoy the whole single room by yourself. If you come with your partner, you can enjoy the couple room together with your partner. If you come with friends or family, you can choose VIP rooms. 

Ginger tea for me and my BFF Ika after our 2 hours massage 

I am giving 5/5 for this Eco Wellness Sanctuary Penang because 
1. The location was great because it is opposite 1st Avenue and beside St Giles Wembley Hotel. It is suitable for tourists if they want to have massage after walking for so long. 
2. I love the way they wash their customers' feet before entering any rooms for massages. 
3. I love their foot reflexology and Thai massage very much because I really fallen asleep during the massage time, it means I enjoyed very much 
4. I will come back for their Thai massage again!! 
5. It is superb recommended!!

For more information
Address : No. 197 and 199, M Summit, Jalan Magazine, 10300 Georgetown, Penang
Business Hours : Monday - Sunday (11.00 am - 11.30 pm)
Contact : 04 - 3713689 (office) 
 018 - 3836163 (Whatsapp)

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