Tuesday, October 2, 2018


Good afternoon my beloved readers. It is October 2018 and still left 3 months to go that we gonna say goodbye to 2018!! Let's we say goodbye to bacteria inside our mouth alright? Hehe. Recently, I have found Anmyna Red Ginseng Mouthwash (left) and Anmyna Toothpaste Whitening (right). Thank you Miss Jeannie for our collaboration. 

How many times per day you brush your teeth? Do you use mouthwash? Usually, I will brush my teeth twice per day and use mouthwash twice per day too. That's me! I would like to recommend it is good that you use non alcohol mouthwash and gargle it for 1 minute. You will feel your mouth fresh and clean. Try these Anmyna Red Ginseng Mouthwash!!

 It is made from Korea Red Ginseng Extract. 
1. It can freshens breath 
2. It can prevents oral cavities 
3. It can prevents gum disease
4. It can prevents tooth decay 
5. It can prevents bleeding gum 
6. It can reduce plaque & tartar formation 

Anyway, I have tried these 2 products for a month and it was too bad that I couldn't see any result of my teeth after brushing teeth twice per day by using Anmyna Whitening Toothpaste. I was suppose to see result for using Anmyna Red Ginseng Mouthwash but the good news is my teeth was very clean, that's why I can't see any result for it. Hahaha. Should I be happy? Yes is the answer. It is because you can know whether your teeth is clean or not after using the mouthwash. Let's me show the result of her customer and my result. 

One of her customer's result 
You will see black things come out from your mouth after gargling 

If you keep trying gargle your mouth with Anmyna Mouthwash for a month, if there are no black things, it means your teeth was very clean like me. If there are black things come out, it means you must take care of your teeth become better. Come and get it from Miss Jeannie. 

For more information  
Anmyna Mouthwash
RM 59 each
Buy 2 = RM 98 free toothpaste
Whatsapp : 016-4109312 (Jeannie) 

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