Friday, November 1, 2019


Good afternoon everyone 🌻. I would like to share this pretty packaging Deonly Passion Health Drink 3 x Swiss Apple Stem Cells. It is an all-natural formula with a refreshing passion fruit flavour that enhances natural beauty and promotes healthy living. 

Passion Health Drink's age defying formula brings out your inner beauty by restoring youth and vitality, while simultaneously prevents constipation, detoxifies and replenishes nutrients to vital organs. This original, proprietary formula is created with cutting-edge extraction technology paired with a stringent grading process to ensure the purest ingredients. It also helps reduce risk of cancer, heart disease, nervous disorder and arthritis. 

Honestly, after drinking for 1 week, I don't feel anything and don't feel any differences. Some people might feel any differences and some people might feel nothing about it. One thing, I love the passion fruit taste only. 

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Price : RM 178.20 

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