Monday, November 11, 2019


Good afternoon 👱‍♀️. I would like to share my new skincare products brand - Eversoft Skinz Blossom White. It has advanced Japanese technology and 100% plant actives formulation that has been clinically proven for its effectiveness for Asian women who desires whitening in natural way! It is free from 6 harmful ingredients found typically in whitening skincare products are paraben, artificial colour, artificial fragrance, mineral oil, alcohol and phthalates.

Thank you my beloved client for this whole set of products!

This 100% plant actives based rich-foaming, quick-rinsing and non-drying cleanser gently cleanses and removes impurities while retaining your skin's natural moisture balance. It deep cleanses, removes excess sebum leaving your skin soft, supple and giving it a clearer translucency. 

It is a water based, lightweight and quick absorbing toner that deeply tones and purifies, keeping skin radiant and pores refined. It is enriched with natural plant extracts to improve skin lightening and giving the healthy and radiant look. It provides 2X hydration, soothes, repairs inflamed skin as it tones and prepares your skin for optimum absorption of the intensive whitening serum. 

It can lighten skin tone within 10 days with the 6x brightening booster. It is water based. The serum is lightweight and absorbs quickly leaving skin feeling silky and non-greasy. It is packed with 3 key natural plant extracts (Uji Tea, Sakura Extract and Shitake Extract), together with pure Vitamin C, Vitamin F and peptide. The serum effectively lightens and evens out skin tone as well as fights against daily harmful free radicals. It helps reduce pigmentation, dark spots and improve skin clarity effectively, revealing a natural luminous healthy glow. 

It is a water-based day cream that quickly and effectively absorbed into skin for skin brightening effect. It protects skin from harmful UV rays and infra-red with SPF 15 PA++. It is formulated with natural plant extracts and Vitamin B3. It can lightens skin tone and smoothen skin as it hydrates your skin during the day. 

It is an intensive night cream which is water-based, non-oily and absorbs fast. It leaves skin soft, velvety smooth by preventing dryness and reducing fine lines. It provides rapid skin lightening, evens skin tone and prevents pigmentation as you sleep.

I have used this whole range Eversoft Skinz products on my face for a month already. I really love all of the products very much. My face now become more soft and smooth after touching it. Also, I become more fairer than before. Anyway, it is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. 

For more information 
💟 Eversoft Skinz Blossom White Brightening Facial Foam - RM 18.90 (100ml) 
💟 Eversoft Skinz Blossom White Brightening Toning Lotion - RM 22.90 (100ml)
💟 Eversoft Skinz Blossom White Brightening Aura Serum - RM 55.90 (30ml)
💟 Eversoft Skinz Blossom White Brightening Day Defense SPF 15 PA++ - RM 39.90 (40g)
💟 Eversoft Skinz Blossom White Brightening Night Solution - RM 44.90 (40g) 
💟 Available at all major pharmacies & retail outlets nationwide 

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