Tuesday, December 31, 2019


Today's date 31/12 should be important to me but I really want to say goodbye to this date because I have learnt a lot of experiences and met up a lot of different people from different backgrounds no matter whether good or bad because of someone that I loved the most previously. I really would like to wish you good luck and all the best in your career and what you want in your life. Without you, I wouldn't learnt so much in my past since I was 17 until this year I am 27. It has been 10 years I am with you but things changed since July before I making my biggest decision to come down Kuala Lumpur for my career and passion. Thank you for everything for these 10 years. I really sincerely want to say CHEERS TO OUR NEW FRIENDSHIP. 


Feb 2019 ; Althea sent these full of beauty products to play around

My selfies with all of these beauty products 
Click for more photos and details -----> #MISSJASJASXALTHEAKOREA

Every 1st March, my baby blog birthday!

March 2019 ; I have lost my beloved grand aunt which I love her like I love my mummy very much. I was so sad after heard this good news from my sister. Life's fragile and we should appreciate people surround us :) 

April 2019 ; Received another parcel from my favourite website Althea Korea. I have been regular customer of Althea Korea for 5 years and I am one of the ambassadors too. Thank you very much, Althea Korea for make me beautiful everyday :) 
Click for more photos and details : #MISSJASJASXALTHEAKOREA

May 2019 ; Received 3 type of products which it has become my savior and thank you to my beloved client and a friend to me Allan Goh :) 
Click for more photos and details -----> #MISSJASJASXCHT

May 2019 ; Althea Korea has comes out new product brand called A'bloom. Tried fruity home spa masks and I am in love with all these masks. 
Click for more photos and details -----> #MISSJASJASXALTHEAKOREA

June 2019 ; Thank you for brought me to travel in BKK for 5 days 4 nights, 
Mr. Y. Thank you for everything again!

July 2019 ; Things changed between both of us before I making my decision to come down to KL for my career and passion. Once again, I would like to wish you good luck and all the best in your career and what you want for your life, just go for it! You can do it! We are still good friends. Thank you very much for your 9 years 7 months love, teaching, sacrifice, time, energy, and everything. 

July 2019 ;  I made my biggest decision to come down Kuala Lumpur. I am so sad that I left my beloved colleagues in KOT Sunway Carnival are :
1st collage picture : my only one lenglui sis Melody, my super goody PIC Cifer, my super handsome friend Han Chieh, my ai sui friend Eric, my pretty friend Joyce, my dearest kakak Kak Sue, my cutie friend Miko, my fairest little sisters Hanna and Yaya, my super supportive PIC Aiman and my cheeky friend Joe. 
2nd collage picture : my super fierce senior Kak Yatie, my smiley friend Akmal, the best BOH friend Nash and my super sexy friend Nina.  Without you guys be the part in my life and during I was crying in the shop everyday, I wouldn't be stand firm in my life and I love you guys very much. I am really appreciate our good memories even though we have arguments for sometimes. 

Aug 2019 ; I started working in the most hectic place and I couldn't cope up with it due to my stress and personal issues. Then, I jumped to another place that I have 60 colleagues in the same company. I have been working since 5/9/2019 until now. I have to deal with a colleague which I don't like her but now, we are good already. I believe that if we forgive and forget heart, we can always be happy in our life. I didn't know that I can change so much from my previous of me and now of me. 

2nd Aug 2019 ; I met up with my jie after so many years in Kuala Lumpur. I really miss her so much and I still keep my birthday presents every year from her since I knew her when I was 14 years old. My birthday falls on August month too and to me, she is the best gift to me. She did gave me Pandora crown ring on my 27th birthday to me as I love to wear rings very much. The only accessory that I can wear as I have so called weird skin which I couldn't wear necklace, bracelet and anklet. Anyway, we both are not real sisters but we treat each other like real sisters. Thank you for being my listener, advisor and jie <3 

Aug 2019 ; Attended The Butterfly Project Malaysia event which includes 3 workshops in Hilton Kuala Lumpur with all of bloggers friends. I am glad to be part of this beauty community since 2014. I am still glad to be part of it! Click for more photos and details ------> #BUTTERFLYMISSJASJAS

25 Aug 2019 ; It is my birthday date every year. I thought that there is no one gonna celebrate for me but I got another surprise from Aunty Linda. Thank you for the dinner and the gifts that you gave me, Aunty Linda. I love you very much. Even though we are not real mother and daughter, but thank you for showered your mother love to me. I am really appreciate it very much. I will keep pray that you will find your another half that love you and treat you sincerely. 

31/7/2019 and still counting ; This date I moved to Kuala Lumpur and I have the only one housemate. I was so blessed to have a very very good housemate > friend > sister to me. Anyway, she is single and available. Anyone want to know her? Hehe. Thank you for introduced Ministry of Burn to me so that I managed to do workout after my early shift and off day! I am looking forward to my body goal and let's we together achieve the body goal we wanted! Also, thank you very much for the birthday gift and Christmas gift for me. Our friendship still counting until the end. 

Oct 2019 ; Nothing much but received the affordable collagen from my client which is JEANC.MY 30 days collagen drink. Click for more photos and details : #MISSJASJASXJEANC.MY. After working in KL, my life started busy busy everyday. Even I have 6 days off a month, I am still so busy too. 

24 Nov 2019 ; Something had happened out of sudden for seriously. It was my first time got chicken pox. Before getting chicken pox, I keep feel cold and hot at the same time in workplace and when I reach home, I also feel the same thing too. I thought I ate panadol and it would be fine but it getting more worse until my whole body was so sore especially my back bone 😭😭. I was so scared that it was dengue fever but out of sudden, there are red spots pop out on my shoulder and it is like water in it on the same date. I did went out to eat my breakfast at One U before starting work as usual but end up, I seriously cannot stand as there are several red spots pop out on my face and my whole body was so pain 😭.
I went & seen doctor nearby my house & the doctor diagnosed CHICKEN POX and gave 4 days MC & gotta quarantine myself at home. It was really terrible on my 3rd day of MC as my throat was so pain until I couldn’t talk, eat and drink water 😭. I decided to go and see doctor at the same clinic & gave me 9 days MC. What I did at home was watched 3 topics of HK drama are The Man Who Kills Troubles, Big White Duel and Triumph In The Skies II. 

I would like to say thank you very much to bestie and a big brother to me Eddy for brought 4 packets of porridge, 4 packs of biscuits and 3 bottles of coconut water. Also, my Grabfood orders from Mr. Y. 

To me, beauty is very important after becoming a blogger & I was so so 😭 and 💔 looking myself into mirror. I was so happy that my friend Sebrina introduced me a gel enhancer & gave me a sample to try on my face & it recovered better. Then, I decided to change my skincare products as I was so scared due to chicken pox 😭. Thank you my another friend Splendy for not giving up on me ♥️ I received the parcel on 6/12/2019 and I used it on the same date until my 4th photo 16/12/2019 😱😱 . It was really awesome skincare products! 

Lastly, thank you very much to my all my friends who concerned about me ♥️♥️

Dec 2019 ; Last month of the year of 2019! 
Career - It has been 1 year plus I have been working in my favourite store JD Sports and it has ups and downs but I would like to say thank you very much for the quote that my Area Manager sent it to me in the morning time. I am always keep inside my phone. 
Passion - It has been 5 years plus and soon 1/3/2020 is 6th year already. I still love writing and nothing stops me writing until one day I couldn't write. I would like to say thank you very much to all my beloved clients and readers in Malaysia and overseas for trusting me, reading my blog and given support to me. 
Love - It quits during July 2019 but what never change is I will always remembered our good memories and I sincerely wish you good luck and all the best in your career and what you want in your life, Mr Y.  We always be good forever friends. What I learnt in these 6 years relationship and 4 years marriage : trust, communication, understanding and love are the most important in relationship and marriage and even friendship too. Everyone of you wish to me is I will find better one in Kuala Lumpur. I believe that I will find the person who will trust me, communicate with me, understand me, loves me and there are many factors we need to know to being into a relationship. Falling in love is easy but maintain the relationship/marriage is not easy. 

Lastly is GOODBYE 2019! GOODBYE 31/12! 


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