Tuesday, April 7, 2020


Happy April month everybody! It was my first time experience food delivery from Captain Shrimp. It is a new Petaling Jaya affordable food delivery & mini catering service offers American, Tex-Mex & snacks. The delivery time will be until 2am.  

Attention food lovers! 
Petaling Jaya’s newest food delivery has just arrived and it was impressive. Captain Shrimp PJ is a platform which cook & deliver your favourite meal and to give you in-depth information about your menu choice. “We wanted to go beyond a normal delivery system and create a powerful, neighbourhood solution that gives the customer more control on their food ordering timing. Our focus was not only on the timing. We wanted to raise the bar in terms of customer service and rare menu as we believe that the Petaling Jaya market deserve much better overall experience.” – Delilah, the founder & chef. 

The foods and dessert before eating them

These are the foods menu I chose : 

Seafood Marinara - RM19.50 

2’FAT' 🇲🇽 TACOS:
'NARCOS'🔥Chicken - RM17.90 

Chicken Pizza Nachos - RM16.50 

Ground Beef Quesadillas - RM16.50
Texas BBQ - RM 17.90

Oreo Madness - RM8.50

These are the full menu : 

Covid-19 Relief (until 3pm only) Value Meal RM13.90
1. Pasta Blackpepper Chicken Chop
2. Garden Salad wt Grilled Blackened Chicken
3. Grilled BBQ Mushroom Taco 2's

Premium Iced Tea - RM 4.90 (Large Cup) 
1. Black Tea
2. Green Tea 

Pasta : 
1. Tomato Promodora - RM15.90
2. Aglio Olio Chicken - RM17.90
3. Creamy Cajun Chicken Alfredo - RM18.50
4. Beef Arabiatta - RM18.50
5. Seafood Agli Olio - RM18.90
6. Chicken Parmagiana - RM18.90
7. Seafood Marinara - RM19.50
8. Shrimp Scampi - RM19.90

2’FAT' 🇲🇽 TACOS :
1. Mexi-Salad - Rm14.90
2. Original Chicken - RM17.90
3. BBQ Onion Chicken - RM17.90
4. 'NARCOS'🔥Chicken - RM17.90 
5. Minced Beef - RM17.90

Snack's :
1. Fried Cocktail Sausages - RM11.50
2. Chicken Nuggets 9's - Rm12.90
3. Fried Breaded Shiitake Mushroom - RM13.50
4. Fried Calamari Rings - RM16.90                                                 
5. Fried Cajun Shrimp - RM18.50
6. Blackpepper Grilled Lamb - RM19.90 

Boneless Chicken :
a) Texas BBQ/Black Pepper/Fried Cajun/Hot Buffalo/Honey Butter - RM 16.50 each flavour

1. Triple Cheesy Nachos - RM15.90
2. Chicken Pizza Nachos - RM16.50
3. Loaded Chicken Nachos - RM16.50
4. Loaded Beef Nachos - RM16.50
5. Smoky Carolina Chicken Nachos - RM16.90                
6. Nachos (M) - RM27.00   

1. Ground Beef Quesadillas - RM16.50
2. Quesadillas Chicken Cheese - RM16.50
3. Quesadillas Mix Cheese - RM15.50

Western Delight : Medium = serve 2-3pax

1. Baked Mac & Cheese wt Breadcrumb (M) - RM 28
2. Classic Chicken Lasagna (M) - RM32
3. BBQ Rib Eyed Steak (M) with sides - RM42

a) Hot Buffalo/Honey Butter/‘Texas’ BBQ/Black pepper - RM17.90 each flavour

a) Oreo Madness - RM8.50 

Baked Wings (picture from client)

Beef Quesadillas (picture from client)

 Tacos (picture from client)

It was my first time eating American foods and I can say that it is very delicious. I am a person who very picky on my foods but this restaurant seriously impressive. Also, their dessert Oreo Madness seriously make me craving for it so much as it is very very yummy and not too sweet too. 

For more information 
Address : 72A, Jaya One, Jalan Universiti, Sek 13, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Business Hours : 10am until 2am daily

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