Thursday, May 21, 2020


Good evening my beloved readers 💓. Many of you must known it is still MCO due to the Covid  19. During MCO, my hair getting dry and I was looking for good hair products as well. My wishes was answered by DR + SEED = DR.SEED. I received 2 parcels from them which are a scent of their Revitalize Shampoo and 2 scents of their Nourishing Treatment.

BRAND STORY with DR SEED by MissJasJas

Let's we start our day with the nature. The small habits which DR.SEED has present you a big change on our hair. 

Don't worry, it has safe ingredients. DR.SEED is made of safe ingredients which whole family members can use without worries rather than putting 20 kinds of harmful materials such as sulfate, paraben, coloring agent, etc. 

It has natural-originated ingredients which contains seed extract and natural oil. 

a) Sachainch
Sachainch oil is one of the 3 major oil in the world contains full of omega-3, omega-6 fatty acid. It supplies nutrients to scalp and it's good for keeping our hair moisture. 
b) Oatmeal 
Silaca and prostaglandin make scalp sleek and help to have healthy hair. 
c) Black Bean 
Black bean contains plentiful amount of cysteine which is necessary material for scalp care and keratin which is the main material composes hair. It helps to have healthy scalp and hair. 

DR SEED SUPER-SEED BOMB REVITALIZE SHAMPOO has 45 natural origin extractions. All the ingredients are all green grade with 1-2 EWG Safety standard20 harmful substances are free such as sulphate, paraben, silicone and pigment. It has PH 5.5 to protects scalp in health and well balanced too 💙.

What is PH’s of skin?
When people are born, skin acidity is neutral which is close to alkaline. However, it gets close to acid. Normally, people are in late 30’s PH level of skin gets high. It’s related to hormones and temperature. To have healthy scalp and hair, it is important to balancing PH level of skin 💙.

There are 9 scents that you choose for your favourite shampoo and hair treatment scent and there is moisture body wash too ðŸ’™

Bebe Musk - Powdery scent which sweet and cozy heliotrope scent, ylang-ylang and rose are well harmonized.

Midnight Rose - Elegant scent which fresh white peach, full of orange flower and jasmine and red rose are well-harmonized.

Lemon Breeze - Well-harmonized and natural scent of fresh lemon, lime, and mandarine, and green verbena and lavender.

Mango Sunset - Fresh scent of well ripe fresh mangoes.Squeeze Peach - Harmony of fresh peaches and fruit. The sweet scent of well ripe peaches.

Candy Blossom - Warm and sweet scent like a cotton candy which well ripe mandarine oranges and sweet pea scent are mixed with Tonka bean.

Fresh Green - The scent like a clear dew which fresh citrus and refreshing green tea are mixed moist oakmoss scent is delicately diffused.

White Garden - Fresh green note and deep and rich jasmine and tuberose scent like in the flower garden.

Iris Sherbet - Cool scent of plentiful floral which deep orange flower, iris, and deep scent of tuberose are harmonized.

Evening Musk - Elegant and attractive scent which fragrant rose, deep jasmine, and soft musk scent and Tonka bean are well harmonized.

Video of how I used my Iris Sherbet Shampoo

 Video of how I used my Evening Musk Hair Treatment

Honestly, I really love DR.SEED hair products very much. I am in love with their Evening Musk and Mango Sunset very much. My hair smell very good everyday I wash. Anyway, I wash my hair everyday after work or come back home from outside. Even though it didn't helps much on my hair, but then I still love the scents very much. 

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