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Good afternoon my beloved readers ๐Ÿ’“. I would like shout out that I have found one of Malaysia #1 E-Commerce platform which is established since 2017. It is PG Mall. PG Mall was ranked Top 3 at Iprice Insight Report. In this website, it has a lot of 14 categories you can buy and there are a lot of items you can buy as well.

These are 14 categories : 
1) Health & Beauty                 
2) Kids & Baby 
3) Women's Fashion
4) Men's Fashion 
5) Electronic Devices
6) Electronic Accessories
7) Home Appliances
8) Kitchen & Dining
9) Home & Lifestyle
10) Sports & Travel 
11) Groceries & Pets
12) Automotive & Motorbike
13) E-Tickets/Vouchers
14) Jewellery

PG Mall had launched Maybank QRPay cashback for us!! They're having these promotions are :

a) 20% off capped at RM 20 with minimum spend RM 30
b) 2x usage within the campaign period
c) The promotion is from 4/5/2020 until 26/6/2020
d) Durian runtuh : 2 times x RM 20 = RM 40 per Maybank account to shop on PGMall

Also, PG Mall is the only one platform accepts e-wallet. 

During this MCO, I am sure many of you wanted to buy a lot of things. Recently, I am so stress up over my landlord during this MCO. She becomes so unreasonable which she don't allow me and my housemate to cook, use vacuum cleaner to clean our rooms and the house, don't allow us to put our shoes outside near to the living room side, and many more. Anyway, these are the items I wanted to buy so much but I am still looking for whole unit to rent with my housemate so that we can cook and bake and have our privacy too. 

All the while, I was wanted to buy my own blender because I love to have my blended juices. I did bought 2 times of blender but then I used about few months and it can't last long too. This blender from PG Mall can use for 2 ways. It can be cold and hot too. I was like OMG!!! Seriously??? 

I seriously need mattress very much because recently I feel my back pain due to my thin mattress from my rent room place. Hopefully I can find a better place to rent and stay for my own privacy, can cook, can bake, can sleep well. 

I also need shoes cabinets as well. Those who know me well, I love to organize my things properly and I love my room to be clean and neat too. 

Anyway, beside shopping, you can make some income. There is

ConsuMerchant Concept

PG Mall’s trademark “ConsuMerchant” is a hybrid word that derived from the words, “Consumer” and “Merchant”, in Chinese it is called “ๆถˆ่ดนๅ•†”. This is our very own genuine profit sharing economy business model that empowers consumers/shoppers, young or old to be entrepreneurs and build a permanent business empire with PG Mall. We value our consumers/shoppers as long-term business partners and with that, we offer them continuous cashback rewards in return for their purchase and continued support, through our very own “Forever Cash Back” program, in which they will also be rewarded for referring new shoppers to shop with PG Mall through this first of its kind referral program in the world.

With PG Mall, our shoppers not only get to shop for a wide variety of goods at irresistible price, they could also earn as they shop and share their awesome shopping experiences with friends and family. Cashback rewards can be earned once a successful transaction is made through personal or referrals’ purchase. The more the referral spends the more cashback to be earned by the referee (introducer), on top of cashback earned from personal purchases.

Every registered shopper on PG Mall is entitled to our Shop, Share and Earn campaign. Through this campaign, shoppers (introducers) that share their referral link to their referrals (friends, family or even strangers) will earn cashback of 0.5% from referral’s total purchases per transaction. The same mechanism applies for referrals who then share their own unique link to their new shoppers. Despite the many tiers of new shoppers signing up, the introducers will earn cashback of 0.5% from their first and second tiers of referrals’ total purchases respectively (as shown in the diagram above).

Each shopper gains cashback from 0.5% up to 3.5% for every purchase made on PG Mall that covers up to three tiers of referrals. The percentage of cashback reward depends on the shopper’s ranking – Super Shopper, Premium Shopper and Elite Shopper. To benefit from the highest percentage of cashback, you have to increase your referral’s or personal purchases in order to step up on your personal shopper’s ranking. For monthly cashback less than RM100, it will be credited to C-wallet and can be redeemed for any future purchases, whereas for monthly cashback above RM100, the cash will be credited to your personal bank account on the 25th of every month. These cashback rewards will go on forever as long as you or your referrals continue to shop at PG Mall. Hence we called it “Forever Cashback”.

a) Super Shopper
Shoppers will automatically be qualified as Super Shopper once they have referred or introduced 50 shoppers and above, with total accumulated group sales exceeding RM50,000. Super Shoppers will earn 1% cashback incentive from their referred regular shopper’s purchase, 0.5% from Super Shopper’s purchase and also enjoy 1% cashback from personal purchase.

b) Premium Shopper
To qualify for Premium Shopper, a Super Shopper needs to refer or introduce 200 shoppers or more with their total accumulated group sales exceeding RM200,000. Premium Shoppers will earn 1.5% cashback incentive from their referred regular shopper’s purchase, 1.0% from Super Shopper’s purchase, 0.5% from Premium Shopper’s purchase and also enjoy 1.5% cashback from personal purchase.

c. Elite Shopper
To qualify for Elite Shopper, a Premium Shopper needs to refer or introduce 300 shoppers or more with total accumulated group sales exceeding RM500,000.  Elite Shoppers will earn 2% cashback incentive from their referred regular shopper’s purchase, 1.5% from Super Shopper’s purchase, 1.0% from Premium Shopper’s purchase, 0.5% from Elite Shopper’s purchase and also enjoy 2% cashback from personal purchase.

Start your new business venture or entrepreneurship with PG Mall platform simply by using our drop-shipping business concept. As a drop-shipper, you won’t have to worry about stocks inventory readiness and logistic. Our PG Mall merchants with millions of Stock Keeping Units (SKU) will be responsible in handling your customer’s order for you and our fully integrated logistic partners will make sure your customer’s purchased items be successfully delivered right to their doorstep on time.

For more information
Address : PG Mall Sdn Bhd (836625-K), Unit 25-13, Level 25, Q Sentral, 2A, Jalan Stesen Sentral 2, Kuala Lumpur Sentral, 50470 Kuala Lumpur 
Contact : 03-27333916

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